Not good enough


Today I'm going to write about something different: ACNE. I have suffered with acne for a few years and decided to get some help. When I was in 7th or 8th grade I started to eat medicine for my acne. It helped alot. Besides acne it also took away redness from my skin. I don't say that you have to eat medicine to get rid of acne but it is good. The medicine that I ate could lead to depression or suicide but I felt happy. I have never liked my body so to have acne was even worse. The feeling of not being pretty and also have acne made me feel really uncomfortable. As a girl or a boy you would like to feel good about yourself: I did not do that.. I ate  medicine for half a year and it helped my skin A LOT! My acne was mostly on the face but I also had acne on my back. I am really happy that I decided to find help. The acne from my back disappeared really fast but it took a bit longer for my acne to get "clean" on my face. It was not fun to eat medicine for my acne so it was nothing I liked to say out loud. After I stopped with the medicine my skin was flawless. After a few months I had to start eating the medicine again for only three weeks that time.

The medicine was mostly pros but the only cone was that my hue went really dry. 

Why I'm taking this up know is because I started to eat the medicine again. This time I don't have a lot of acne but, I start to feel ugly when I have acne. Sometimes I meet people who could use acne treatment and I would like to tell them that there is medicine/help you can take but that would be rude.

Acne is usually quite easy to cure so I think that everyone who feels like it should get help!




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