5 years later...

Life in LA

När jag kom till Connecticut i September 2011 - 19 fagra år gammal - så var min lilla, lilla bebis 3,5 månader ... idag fyller min lilla bebis P hela 5 år... FEM ÅR! F-E-M år..... !

I never knew what love could feel like until I met my three girls. I still miss them every day, with all my heart

Fick precis detta mejl efter att inte ha hört något på väldigt länge:

"One of the girl's favorite things to do right now is to hear stories from when they were "little" or from when T. and I were kids. We were talking a lot about "when they were younger" this weekend and several times recalled how that was when Amanda was with us! You were such a big part of all three of their lives, but definitely a very special place in P's world!"


PS! 10 days left...



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