What can not be saved when choosing windows?

When ordering a window, you yourself need to understand what your living conditions are and what you expect from a new window. If the window faces the street with busy traffic, you need to understand that there are no windows with absolute sound insulation, but there are methods to make the window as quiet as possible. If the apartment has high humidity, then you need to tell the manager about it, since it is possible that condensation will form on the glass unit in the cold season, but this can be avoided by putting the glass unit with increased thermal insulation and equipping it with an automatic ventilator. And of course, the windows for living quarters should be as warm as possible, so saving on the thickness of the profile system and the double-glazed window is not worth it. The windows on the lower floors of buildings and private houses should be provided with anti-burglary fittings and, possibly, armored double-glazed windows and protective shutters. This will not completely prevent the threat of entry into the house, but it will significantly complicate and slow down.

And a separate word for installation. Poor installation is the most common reason for disappointment in new windows, so you should not save on special protective tapes for foam and on the insulation of slopes. Only in non-residential and unheated rooms can we neglect the insulation of slopes, in other cases this is mandatory.

How can I save?

If the window opens onto a glazed loggia, it is not necessary to put a warm profile and a double-glazed window, it will be enough to have a three-chamber profile and a double-glazed window with two glasses - this is much cheaper. Not all flaps need to be made openable. The main thing is that next to the dull window is openable. And it is enough to install the ventilation fittings on one leaf of the whole structure. With proper design, you can save up to 40% of the construction cost!

If you do not have a heated balcony, then it makes no sense to glaze it with plastic. For cold rooms there is cheaper single glass aluminum. The difference will not be very big: 4-5%, but this is not extra money.

All nuances and personal expectations should be reported to the manager. A good specialist will help determine the configuration, correctly select additional elements - a window sill, ebb, a mosquito net and other elements, and he will tell you where you can save and where not to do it.

A serious manufacturing company gets materials and components cheaper than small garage workers, but it, however, has to invest in its own technical development, in payment for scientific staff and their development, in support of the service and in better materials. Therefore, buying a window at a large company is sometimes a little more expensive than at a small one, but the result will be much better.

Since windows serve as an obstacle to weather events, noise and penetration of strangers inside, you need to understand that the window is not a brick wall and in order for it to perform its functions, you really need to choose the right materials and components. But you need to understand that the quality of your design depends primarily on its manufacturer and supplier, and then on the set of elements and, most recently, on the name of the profile system.

The biggest savings that rarely anyone thinks of: when working with a good manufacturing company (we recommend European windows), you eliminate the risk that, with poor-quality work, everything will have to be redone again, and even investing additional funds, or, even worse - start legal proceedings with the contractor works. In most cases, you will have to redo what unscrupulous installers have done, at your own expense.



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