In case you didn't know, I have a youtube channel! I've had it for about three years now and it is solely dedicated to my passion for literature! In a small corner of youtube we find the growing community of BookTube were we all discuss our favorite things about books, review books and just everything books! Although I've had some minor (and major) breaks, I've been quite consistent uploading one video every week.

I am of course much more proud over the videos I've been producing recently but it is also fun to see the journey I've made. My first videos are so incredibly cringy but I guess that's how it's supposed to be! You find me over at and if you like my content, don't forget to subscribe!

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Are you like me, that you eat really healthy for maybe a month or two, but then lose motivation for a while, only to pick it back up again for a month (and so on)? Cry no more! I have been going strong with the healthy-game for almost the entire year, and I'm not planning on stopping! How? you may wonder; just take a look at these tips!

1. Find what you like and don't like.
Might sound like an obvious one, but many people believe that healthy food is boring and in general not very tasty. The trick is to try out as many different foods as possible and see what you like and don't like. I, for instance, am not the biggest fan of beans, but I love chickpeas. The same goes for exercise. If you don't like running, try spinning, or core, or yoga. There IS something for you out there, you just have to find it!

2. Find your reason WHY!
Why do you want to life a healthy lifestyle? If it is going to work out, you will probably need some form of motivation. I personally so not really like having weight goals, because my weight is not the number one reason I eat healthily. I do it for my skin, my muscles, and just generally how it makes me feel. In order to stay motivated, figure out your own reason to why you what to stay healthy.

3. Reflect!
This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Stop for a second and ask yourself; how does this make me feel? Track your progress by writing down how you fell every day! Are your skin clearing up? Do you feel like you are treating your body in the right way? Because there will be signs that you're doing it right!

4. Don't get discouraged if you mess up!
You missed a day (or a week) of exercise? You had an entire box of Ben&Jerry's last Friday? That's okay! We are not perfect and having a healthy lifestyle is not about perfection.

5. When all else fails; go to social media!
Sometimes you just don't feel like it any more. And thats okay! But then what I usually do is to go on pinterest, or some of my favorite blogs, and see if I can find some inspiring recipes. Or some new exciting form of exercise. I look for something quick and easy, but still on the healthier side. There are also just loads of inspiration boards to keep your motivation on top!

6. Reward yourself!
This is sososo important! When you have done a great job, then treat yourself to something you've wanted for a while! I'm not talking unhealthy food (at least not every time), but maybe that night out with sushi and a cocktail? Or that dress that you don't really need. Give yourself a pat on the back and show yourself that this is all WORTH IT!

​I hope you find these tips helpful! Share your best tips for staying motivated!



The Booktube-a-thon has now officially started and I'm beyond excited for this year! Reading challenges, video challenges and just and entire community coming together!

For you who don't know, the Booktube-a-thon is an annual, weekly long readathon created by youtubers in the booktube community! There are seven reading challenges and a new video challenge released every day. It is now hosted across several platforms, twitter, youtube, instagram and more! The purpose is of course to read as much as possible in 7 days!

I must say I'm of to a pretty bad start since I've been sleeping all day after working night. Not too happy about that and I guess tomorrow will be the same -- but hey! There are still 5 days left after that!

Here is the video I made announcing all the books I will attempt to read during the week!



​Life trudges on and I do what I can to stay healthy. I try eat mainly vegetarian food in the week so this is what I've prepped;

- Tortillas with roasted chickpeas, feta cheese, tomato and avocado.
- Fried "rice" made with cauliflower, peas, carrots, broccoli and egg.
- Wheat Berry sallad.



The nights I'm not working at the post office, I try to make some more fun food. However, sometimes I just can't be bothered and today was one of those nights. I still wanted to eat something healthy but since I didn't have any fancy ingredients at home, I just had to use what I had lying around. It ended up being this Buddha bowl, very simple yet very very tasty! Only took 15 from start to finish!

- Chickpeas (leftover from yesterday's meal prep)
- Wheat Berries
- Corn
- Iceberg Sallad
- 1/2 Avocado (leftover since yesterday)

- Sour cream (I would have preferred some light greek yoghurt but we had none at home)
- Lemon juice
- Black Pepper
- Ginger (just a teeny tiiiny bit)
- Salt

How to:
Since I had already cooked my chickpeas yesterday, all I had to do was to cook the wheat berries and while that was cooking, chop the sallad and open can of corn. Put everything in a bowl.
The sauce was just mixed after taste, I like it quite runny so I used quite some lemon juice. Just drizzle it over the bowl and you're good to go!




♥ Nick Caraway says he is totally trustworthy. Is he really though..?

♥ This book has always seemed as a book associated with school. After reading it I completely changed my opinion! This can be read by anyone at any stage in life!

♥ Fitzgerald surely knows how to make a sentence interesting. Very easy to read yet beautifully written.

♥ An absorbing narrative with interesting characters and a somewhat unexpected plot.

♥ Definitely worth a re-read sometime in the future. I've heard it's supposed to get better with each reading.

Full Review
ave you read The Great Gatsby? Share your thoughts!



Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it be with friends or with family, traveling always gives a fantastic opportunity to see new places and experience new cultures. It is a way to meet new friends and learn new and exiting things! Here are some of my favorite destinations!

1. The Amalfi Coast
- one of my most recent destinations was southern Italy and the Amalfi Coast. The beautiful views totally made up for the super-scary bus ride along the mountains. We stayed in Sorrento (not technically on the Amalfi Coast, I know) but traveled to see Positano and other gorgeous cities. Be warned, sore muscles are a consequence of walking around here as everything is elevated. However, it is worth it as it yields both beautiful landscapes and strong hamstrings. Walking the narrow, lemon-smelling streets of the Amalfi Coast Cities is total must and a definite winner in my book!

​2. Barcelona
- no one can quite describe the beauty and soul of Barcelona as Carlos Ruiz Zafón does in The Shadow of The Wind. (A total must-read!) Although it was quite some time since I visited Barcelona, I still vividly remember the gorgeous views and the vibrancy of La Rambla. My friend recently told me about how the city is becoming overly touristy, so I can of course only account for my own visit, but it definitely made an impression on me. The city has so much history and the stark contrast with the beach just a short walk away gives the perfect juxtaposition every city needs!

3. Öland
Translated into "Islandland", Öland is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden and a place definitely worth visiting! I have been to Öland many many times, with the caravan, at my friend's summer house, at my aunt's summer house, and all the beaches, little towns and roads are so so stunning! Just sitting at a cliff, eating pizza and watching the sunset is one of the things everyone NEEDS to do at least once in their lives! Don't visit Sweden without having a trip to Öland in the summer. So. Worth. It.

4. Edinburgh
Edinburgh is a city full of life and full of culture. Me and my friend went there earlier this year for the open house at the university and we both managed to fall in love! The old city just has that special "hard-to-describe-feeling" to it. As it is a university city we were able to go and see a ballet for only 10 pounds (thank you student discount!) as well as grab a whiskey in one of the cute pubs for only about 4 pounds! Filled with second hand book stores, cute cafés as well as the standard shopping street, Edinburgh does not leave much room for complaints!

6. Trogir
- Trogir is a small but oh so beautiful city in Croatia. Picturesque and full of history, the city provides the perfect backdrop for the turquoise Mediterranean ocean. The small and narrow streets are the perfect place for a stroll and the small port is lined with restaurants. Like taken from a scene from Game of Thrones (which is actually filmed in a similar city in Croatia) the wonderful city of Trogir is a must-visit!


What places are on your list? What (maybe not-so)  hidden gems have you discovered while traveling? Share in the comments!



Now when I've started working, adult life is creeping up on me. I don't really know how to feel about it but unfortunately, adult life just doesn't care! To get money, you got to work, in order to work you need to eat food, and if you want to eat food but not lose all money in the process, you gotta cook it yourself.

Doing what I can with the situation, I try to cook simple and really delicious food that is still really healthy. I try to go for vegetarian options as often as I can and therefore this week's prep is fully vego!

- Carrot burgers with feta cheese, cauliflower mash and asparagus
- Sallad with quinoa, avocado, tomato, cucumber, egg and feta cheese.

What are you eating this week?



Today I thought I would share some rambling thoughts about how we (or at least I) sometimes tend to feel defined by our accomplishments and actions rather than our personality. This is something I've thought about quite a lot since my IB-time started to come to a close. For the last three years, the IB has been a large (if not the largest) part of my identity. If someone asked me to talk about my self, I would always say "my name is Amanda and I'm 19 years old. I'm an IB student." Now when I can no longer say that, who am I? What defines me now?

Katrin Bernt recently made a video where she discussed how she also at times feel like she is her accomplishments, that they are what people like her for. (link) I found the video so very relatable as she put into words much of how I feel. For 12 years my results in school have been my pride, and now I will have to get used to no one caring about that. Since school has taken up so much of my time, I've had to put other interests aside and I've noticed that I haven't had much to bring to a conversation except for school-related things. When I was younger it was always so much easier. I was the sporty one who played football and did track and field. I was obsessed with photography. I could talk about things that I did in my spare-time because I had so many interests.

With this said, stepping into the real world will yield opportunities to explore myself. Find new traits to take pride in and find passions that do not have to do with school. Create new experiences and see new things, find new angles and view new perspectives. Although the IB diploma program has given me so much, helped me grow and develop, it feels good to step away. My actions and accomplishments might still define me, but so will my opinions, my personality and the decisions I make.

I recently made a video discussing my IB experience! I also gave some tips for current and future IB students!



Since I review every book I read on Goodreads (link), I've decided to only make short comments on the books I  read here on the blog. Here are five small things I thought about Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. 

Vladimir Nabokov uses the english language in such an exquisite way that even detestable characters become ambiguous.

♥ The detail in which places, people and events are describes makes it feel like you're really in that car, traveling across America. 

♥ Although it took me forever to get through, I enjoyed every single minute of reading Lolita. 

♥ Powerful yet subtle character development makes for nuanced and believable characters. I've really come to understand how you don't have to like a character in order to appreciate him/her.

♥  I'm sososo excited to read more Nabokov now! The first thing I did after finishing the novel was to add more of his books to my wishlist!

Have you read anything by Nabokov?