Innovations in Smart Home Security: New Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

From summer vacations to the holiday season, there are myriad times throughout the year when the risk of theft is higher than normal. Even so, keeping a safe and secure home should be a year-round objective for any diligent homeowner. Not too long ago, a keypad alarm system was the epitome of home security. Now, there are innovative, automated solutions that take the process to the next level.

Accessible by mobile app, these tools allow homeowners to lock their doors, monitor their premises, adjust their lights and more to decrease their likelihood of falling victim to a home invasion. Today, we’re taking a high-level look at a few smart technologies changing the home security game.

Smart Locks

Have you ever journeyed about 30 minutes away from your home and wondered out loud, “Did we lock the front door?” There’s nothing like that sinking feeling when you just don’t remember, but there isn’t enough time and it isn’t feasible to go back and double check.

That’s where smart locks come in. You can control most of them via your smartphone from anywhere with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. These are available in a range of styles and include differing functions. For instance, some will sync so closely to your phone that they will lock or unlock as they detect its signal nearby. Others function more as a keypad, wherein you’ll be required to type a code when entering and exiting.

Regardless of which style you ultimately go with, check to see if the model you’re eyeing allows you to use keys or if the solution foregoes keys altogether. You may find that you prefer having physical keys on hand as a security measure.

Smart Security Cameras

Sure, home security cameras have been on the market for decades now. Yet, they have never before been offered as sleekly and intuitively as modern models. Forget having to go back and watch your video footage to replay details after the fact. With these systems, you can monitor your home in real time, from anywhere at any moment.

Using just a smartphone app, users can view their security footage and take action immediately, if required. Most are integrated into the Cloud, allowing a substantial amount of data to be stored and saved without requiring an on-premise storage solution.

From bulkier outdoor cameras to sleek and indiscreet interior ones, homeowners can take their pick from a bevvy of styles, available across myriad price points and including varying features. While researching the best smart security for your home’s needs, check into features that include high-resolution, audio recording capabilities and motion detection tools.

Smart Lights

Not only are they a proven theft deterrent, but smart lights add an attractive element of curb appeal to your home during the evening and nighttime hours. Especially if you’re going on vacation or will be out of the house for an extended period of time, you may want to give the illusion that people are home. This makes smart lights especially beneficial in the summer months, when most people go on vacation for weeks at a time. Even in the middle of winter, you should learn more about how to keep your home and family safe during the summer, as vacation season will roll around soon enough and it’s never too early to start preparing.

Smart lights can be programmed in advance to automatically turn on and off at strategic points during the night and the next morning. For instance, they may come on at dusk and stay on until around 10:00 p.m., then turn back on in the early sunrise.

The lights are powered by LED light bulbs and controlled via a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to automated power on/off capabilities, most are also dimmable and come in a variety of shades to add custom character to your home. As they’re LEDs, they’ll last longer and perform more strongly than other bulbs rated for outdoor use.

Smart Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm is an oft-overlooked element of home security, but tops the list as most important. Ensuring yours is in top working condition is a mandate for every homeowner or renter. While the traditional systems are still as popular and useful as ever, if you’re considering investing in a whole-house smart home technology system, a smart smoke alarm is a worthy add-on.

Why? They’re accessible via Wi-Fi and can go one step farther than simply alerting you that there’s a fire nearby. Instead, they can help pinpoint precisely where the fire is currently located. If you’re away from your home, you won’t hear the beeping of your older-model smoke alarm. Yet, by connecting a smart system to your phone, you can be alerted immediately if there’s an issue at your property.

Investing Wisely in Home Security Technology Today

When you see the vast array of home security technology options available, you may be tempted to go out and purchase each one individually. Yet, while this is an option, it can leave you with a muddled hodgepodge of digital tools that cannot speak to each other.

The good news? Most technology providers in this sphere offer a comprehensive mobile app solution that integrates smart lighting, smart locks, smart smoke alarms and more. With these, you’ll have access to all of your controls on one centralized dashboard, allowing you to exercise greater control of your home both when you’re inside it and when you’re away. As a result, you’ll also lower your risk of theft in the process, as your property becomes the smartest on the block.

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