Four Surprising Benefits of Making the Switch to Solar Power

You may have heard that investing in renewable energy alternatives can be a great way to slash your power bill and reduce your overall carbon emissions, but there are myriad other benefits you can reap by making the switch. According to recent research, more Americans than ever before want access to clean, green energy resources in lieu of the traditional fossil fuels we’ve used to power our homes for so long. This mindset shift is catalyzed by a few factors, chief among them a growing concern around climate change and an increasingly closer access to high-tech tools such as programmable thermostats and other smart home devices that make conserving energy more doable than in years past.

If you’ve been considering solar panels as a way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your monthly utility bill, read on. Today, we are discussing a few unexpected benefits you may not have even realized were possible as you move forward with an installation. You already know you’ll conserve resources (both the earth’s and your own) but what else could you experience? Here are four reasons to take that first step today.

1. Improves Air Quality

Every day, we are subjected to the quality of the air around us. While we aren’t forced to wear masks to filter out the bad substances just yet, that process is already a reality in some parts of the world and our country isn’t immune to a similar future. Fueling this pollution is our reliance on greenhouse gases, which release emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide other particulates into the air on a per-second basis. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the current largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is the act of burning fossil fuels, which most of us do as we drive, heat/cool our homes and power our devices.

Alternatively, studies show that solar panels can help slash this reliance significantly, allowing us to still enjoy we have come to rely upon to power our day-to-day lives while substantially lowering the amount of greenhouse gases we produce. This can immediately change the air quality and improve the chemical makeup of what we’re breathing in every day.

2. Preserves Endangered Plants

There is no denying that climate change is a real and fast-occurring phenomenon exacerbated by carbon emissions. While we know the negative effects it has on our air quality, environment and animal life, it is also worth noting that climate change plays a role in plant health as well. As such, science reveals that there are myriad species of plants that are becoming extinct on a widespread basis as temperature control becomes more difficult to maintain.

While tidal and wind power alternatives are excellent for reducing these harmful emissions and helping to reverse the trend of climate change, they require a change to the current landscape to install. On the other hand, solar panels simply affix on top of existing land or structures, making them a non-intrusive means of renewable energy. Preserving as many of our plant species as possible is critical to keeping our country beautiful and can also help improve air quality as well.

3. Supports Local Businesses

Anything we can do as community consumers to pump resources and revenue back into our local economy is a worthwhile pursuit. The good news is that solar panels can be installed by local companies employing local teams. Homeowners and business leaders alike are not required to go through international technology companies to install them on their premises. This encourages an environment of community support and helps keep local companies afloat. To learn more about the benefits of installing your solar panels through a personalized, local team of experts, click here.

As the industry continues to grow, there will also be ample opportunities for community members to learn new skills, join the trade or simply contribute by purchasing the systems for themselves. This can catalyze a chain reaction that makes renewable energy more mainstream and recognizable in the long run.

4. Growing and Future-Focused Initiative

We all want to make secure investments for our homes and our families. While decades ago, the technology wasn’t as robust and it might have seemed as though renewable energy resources such as solar panels and wind turbines were a flash-in-the-pan idea, history has revealed that they are viable and valuable players in the energy sector.

Studies show that by 2050, the world could be entirely reliant on renewable power and that most countries already have the resources in place to support the transformation. As experts continue to perfect the mechanisms behind the solutions and create even more efficient, affordable and streamlined solutions for consumers, it stands to reason that around the globe, we will become significantly less dependent on fossil fuels in the very near future.

Unlike some investments that will leave you scratching your head and wondering where your money went, solar panels are a secure solution. As traditional utility companies continue to fluctuate pricing and platform options, early solar adopters are reaping the benefits of a lower bill and more reliable power, month after month.

Making the Switch with Confidence

Lessening our reliance on traditional fossil fuels can be a challenge, especially when we’re so used to electricity being provided through traditional means. Yet, working with your local providers and installers to come up with an ideal solar solution for your home or business is a great first step toward saving money, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the planet in the process. While none of us can completely steer the change on our own, we can play our part in the solution, and pursuing alternatives such as solar power is a great first step.

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