Four Fashion Trends Redefining Modern Menswear

Gone are the days when you could just throw on a collared shirt and some khaki pants and be considered a fashionable male. Now, there is a little more planning that goes into pulling together the perfect wardrobe that strikes the right balance of comfortable and cool without trying too hard. Thankfully, you can pull plenty of inspiration from the high-style runways, then adapt those looks to fit your everyday wear. Here are four trends that are sure to define the autumn/winter season of 2018.

1. Nineties Throwbacks

Yes, everything that once was big will one day be big again. Our parents had to wait almost two decades for us to realize that eighties music is the best, bell bottoms look fantastic when worn correctly, and big hair really is all it’s cracked up to be. That said, it’s time for nineties babies to rejoice! Trends from that era are back in a big way.

Think tracksuits with a stripe down the side, bucket hats and sneakers so oversized you could fit three pairs of feet inside. This is one trend that truly maximizes comfort while also allowing you to look fashionable and fabulous in the process. If you have to pick one accessory from this trend to invest in, our bet is on the aforementioned bucket hat. Practical and effortlessly cool, you can channel your inner boy band member while also catching some big-mouth bass on the lake if you desire.

2. Layered Leather

Just in time for that chill in the air we all know is around the corner, menswear fashion is embracing the layered look. Specifically, layer upon layer of dark leather is preferred. This means that black leather pants and a gray leather jacket no longer make you look like you just stepped off your Harley Davidson and are ready for a bike meet. Rather, you’ll look cool the moment you step out, like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix.

A great statement piece that fits into this category is an oversized, super-long leather jacket. If you can find a vintage one, snag it if you’re able. The more distressed, worn-in and pre-loved the piece, the better. This is also a great way to showcase those new leather messenger bags that are hitting the market. Add one to the mix and step out in confidence.

3. Fuzzy Shearling Coats

Nothing says “warm” quite like a great shearling coat. Looks like the fashion world is finally coming around to this realization, with this type of outerwear taking center stage at many of this summer’s fashion shows. While it might be tempting to spring for a knockoff to save a few bucks, this is one piece that will last you a lifetime and as such, is worth investing in.

From Hermes to Armani, top designers are featuring shearling in their menswear pieces, fitting appropriately with the rustic, farmhand trend that is influencing everything from modern home decor to beard styles.

4. Vintage-Inspired Hiking Gear

Even if you have no plans of hitting the slopes, hiking the mountains, or exploring that rough terrain, it’s time to get yourself some activewear, stat. Not only is this menswear fashion trend uber comfortable, but you’ll fit right in with some of the most fashionable members of your community. The twist? Most of this activewear isn’t defined by the neon, puffy ski jackets that dominated seasons past. Nor is it centered on cotton hoodies or the like.

Rather, today’s trendiest activewear is more old-fashioned in nature. Think of what your grandfather would wear while going out fishing. That is the kind of look everyone is going for. From lace-up boots to tan vests, if you walk out the door looking like a mountain climber about to ascend the Swiss Alps in the late 1930s, you’re on the right track.

So, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of menswear fashion styles that are designed to fit every style and budget out there. So start shopping and pick the pieces that speak to you. Then, go to work, on that date, or out with friends, confident that you look your best.