So I've officially been here now for one month and two days! Time is passing by so fast. School is getting a bit more hectic, I have loads of homework and assignments every week. It's okay though, because all of my classes are pretty cool.

I've written my own script in film production and so far it's the favorite in the class! Which is pretty exciting. So if the people in my class still like it when it's been rewritten, it might actually become a short film, that I will be directing!

I haven't caught a wave in surf class yet. I've been knocked over by a couple, but I'm getting better already! Basketball is still pretty hard, but we have the coolest coach, who is really good at teaching the basics! So everything is still good.

I sometimes forget to take photos, but I have a few from this time that has passed!

One of the cool things we did, was kayaking! I went with Johanna and Kristine, who are also IBS students from Sweden and Norway. We had a great time, and we've already planned to try out paddle boarding as well.

After Kayaking we had a birthday BBQ for a blow up flamingo. It was basically an excuse to buy the weirdest stuff from the 99cents store and wear party hats!

This Saturday we went to see the football game at school, which was really cool! I understood a lot of it, and of course our school team the Vaqueros beat the Bulldogs!

​My American neighbor has a dog, so as you can see on the picture, I'm having a great time here!

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So last week school started, so I haven't had a lot of time to post on my blog. I forgot how tough it was going to school, having to do homework and getting up early everyday, but my classes are really cool! I changed some of my classes, because of some small issues, but this is my schedule:

Film and video production I - I 'll be learning the basics in production and I'll be making a short film. I've already started my script and it's pretty good!

Cinematography I - This one is a bit tough. I'll be learning camera techniques and lighting and basically everything that helps tell the story on screen through camera angels.

Film Studies - In this class we study films and analyse them. So basically we watch a lot of movies.

Beginning Basketball - I am not good at all, but it's really funny and we have the coolest coach!

Beginning Surfing - I have not yet surfed, but in this class I'll learn the basics of surfing, I'll be going in the water next Tuesday though!

I haven't been able to take pictures at the school, but I've taken some other pictures this past week!

This is me loving my Gopro on my very first day of college!

So as I've already said State Street is the main street. It has some great places to eat, so me and my swedish roommate tried Habit, which is a fastfood place, but it's really good! And me and my danish roommate agreed, that we weren't really Americans before we'd gotten some Starbucks!

This is a picture from the pier! It was so beautiful, so I tried taking photos, but I forgot my camera, so I only had my phone. But it was still really amazing!

This is where I'll be surfing. I actually took the picture this morning before we had safety lessons about surfing. I really cant wait to start!

Hopefully I'll get some more photos soon and update some more! Everything is still really good here!



Since friday I've had no school, so instead I used a lot of my hard earned money.. But on some pretty cool stuff! Me, my roomie and another danish girl, went to downtown Santa Barbara where the main street is located. We walked around all day looking for bikes, because everything is pretty far away from where we live and almost everyone around here has bikes, so we thought why not! It took almost all day, because the stores were located so far away from each other, but we saw some new places, which were all pretty cool!

We decided to have a lunch break after looking in one of the stores and not really being able to find anything within our prize range. It was at a really nice place, that we hadn't seen before and luckily the food was amazing!

Finally after walking around all day, we bought bikes. We had actually given up because all of the bikes cost more then 250$ and we wanted something cheaper. So we were really sad on the way home, when we suddenly found a bike rental place, that sold their old used biked for only 90$ ! We were so happy! They didn't have any locks though and all the other stores were closed, so we had to park them in the apartment during the night.

They are all orange, so when the three of us cruise together we look really stupid, but we love it!

This is some of the other stuff, I got during these days. I decided that a GoPro would be awesome for this trip, with all the stuff that I'll be doing. I still don't know how to use all of the settings, but I'm slowly learning. I got the selfie stick though, so I can't go completely wrong!

So before I start posting all my cool videos and pictures from my new camera, here is a selfie of me and one of my swedish roommates. We were testing out the camera before going out.

This was a very long post and to end it off​ is a picture, of the La Playa football field. Most people actually work out here during the evening, since it is so hot during the day. Me and my roomie did that too, and it was so cool running around the field! 

School will officially start tomorrow at 8 am, so now the real college life officially begins! 



So a lot has happened in the last six days, so to sum it up: We've been at the school, where I experienced an all american welcome! We've been to the other beach thats located close to where we live, and I got myself nicely sunburned. We also got to see the food market at Down Town, which was pretty cool!

This was the Vaquero welcome at the school! The School's president and professors all gave us their words of advise, when entering the college life, of course dressed in their caps and gowns.

This is the other beach, which has a really beautiful pier, but I couldn't get a good picture of it. So maybe I'll try again another time.

This was the market at Down Town on state street. They sold very tasty and good looking fruits and vegetables! It was so cosy! 



So today was my first day of school, or sort of anyway!

This week is called wave week, which is a week for all of the international students. So we don't have any real classes yet, we have introduction classes and we get to meet all of the other foreign students who travel with IBS, and later this week there'll be a bbq! So before the meeting we had with our counselor, my roommates and I explored campus!

Thats Ebba and Stina, my two Swedish roommates, walking from west campus to east campus. The campus is pretty big, so we'll be getting plenty of exercise.

And since campus was up and running today, then so was the campus store! And of course, I needed a shirt and a water bottle!

This picture is from yesterday. We went to the beach, and it was so nice, that I had to share it. I don't know how I'll ever get any studying done!



So yesterday we arrived! After a 10 hour flight, about 3 hours at the airport and 2 hours with a bus! But none the less we arrived! But since we were at the apartment very late, we didn't get to see any of the city.

So today we started exploring! We were all still pretty tired, so we didn't see much besides the school, and State street, but what we saw was pretty cool!

So this is one of the amazing views that I will be enjoying, every time I'm at school!

As well as this one! Jealous?

​And since I hadn't eaten anything but plane food, I went with my new roommates to Joe's! The food was amazing! 

So besides being pretty tired, I can't wait to see even more! 



So in less then 5 days, my journey towards "the American dream" begins. And everybody has been asking me if I am nervous, or if I am ready? And I haven't quite figured out how to answer these questions, because how could I ever be ready? This is what I've been waiting for, for such a long time that being ready is not an option. There are so many things I need to do once I get there and so many things I need to see. Yes, I've packed everything, so in that sense I'm ready. But I'm not sure that anything, could prepare me for the journey ahead,

but I damn sure am excited!