My lecturer emailed me this afternoon saying that I was put forward for the 'Scarr-Hall Award' and have been successful in being 1 of 2 students in the whole of the college to be awarded with it!

"I have great pleasure in letting you know that you were put forward for the ‘Scarr-Hall Award’ and have been successful in being 1 of 2 students from Lews Castle College to be awarded with it."

Not long after, I received another email from the hospital saying that I was shortlisted for an interview for the post that I applied for. This is amazing news! To everyone who knows me, you can understand how much this means to me. My interview is next Thursday! I'm SO nervous. Even if I don't get the job, I am still so happy to get this far. 

"I am pleased to advise that you have been selected for interview in respect of the above post. Details of the interview are in the attached letter. A hard copy of this letter and a travel expenses claim form will be sent to the address provided on your application form."

I have also received some lovely messages and compliments today which have given me so much confidence. 

I couldn't be happier right now! All of my hard work has paid off. Let's hope this continues!



It's been just under two weeks since Graduation Day and it already feels like it was months ago. I was very unfortunate and managed to get the flu the day before graduation so for the whole day, I was dosed up on cold and flu tablets. After panicking about what I was going to wear, in the end I just went for something casual. I'm glad I didn't go for anything out there as I would have been in so much discomfort on top of being really unwell.

In the morning, I went to get my makeup done by Melissa (MAIS) who is absolutely amazing. She somehow managed to hide the fact that I was ill and made me look fresh and glowing. The makeup lasted all day too!

Here's the link to her facebook page:

When I arrived at college, Shannon Clark offered to do my hair which was kind of her. I had it curled, as we were short on time. Unfortunately as the time went on, it started to frizz and the curls fell out. So I did look a bit like cousin Itt.

There was a professional photographer at the event, so I was really nervous about how the photos would turn out. She did a fantastic job with everyone... but me. There's not many up on the website but the ones that are, I look like I've either had a stroke or have just woken up from a nap. That's the problem with having a flu I guess, or just being naturally hideous. I'm amazed the camera survived the ordeal.

My mum, step-dad and Christopher all came to my graduation, which was lovely. Mum had to go back to work before too long and my step-dad who is very socially awkward looked like he was being dragged into a torture chamber, so I said he could go home. Christopher took some photos for me on my camera but again, I looked hideous in all of them. It seems that only I can hide my ugliness on camera.

My lecturers wanted me to take some photos on my camera of them, so I ended up having a mini photoshoot with my class. I think the photos all turned out fantastically and it was so much fun to take photos and edit them again. I'll attach them to this post. It's just disappointing that I couldn't get a photo I liked of myself.

I wasn't sure if I would survive the day and the meal after the event, but I did. Before our meal, we went to The Crown for some drinks, but I really wasn't up for drinking at that point. At 5:30, we went to Digby Chick, which is a fancy restaurant in Stornoway. We had our own private room which was really nice. In total there was about 10 of us as some couldn't make it. One of our clients gave us £50 for our drinks which was so incredibly generous of her. I pushed myself to have a drink, so I had a malibu and coke. For starters I had muscles, for the main meal I had chicken and some sort of mash which I didn't like and for pudding I had a blueberry cheesecake with poppy seeds on top. The food was lovely and it only totalled up to about £24 as it was all on the early bird menu.

It was a really lovely day, and I'm glad I pushed myself and attended. I'm really going to miss the lecturers! They were absolutely fantastic and gave me so much support throughout the year. I can't thank them enough for everything that they have done for me. 

I'm now off until September when I will be back at college to do my National 5's.