7 Fun Decorating Trends That Are Out of This World

What are the decorating trends that are out of style? Don't let anyone fool you. These unusual trends are still relevant.

This just in: Polished concrete floors and the whole modern loft look is out.

It's overdone and honestly, we're thankful. Sweeping those concrete floors was a never-ending task. Of all the decorating trends that are out, we won't miss that one.

Want to know what's in for your house? Read below.

1. Hairpin Legs

Have you ever seen those bobby pins that come a little bit open? They look like a V with a little more rounded point?

Those are the classic bobby pins, in case you were wondering. They're for securing the top of your bun to the rest of your hair.

What does that have to do with interior design? Hairpin legs are a big trend right now. Like the name implies, the metal legs of the table/chair/bench look like those original hairpins.

It's a very modern and simplistic look - but it doesn't look basic.

You can find these pieces on Amazon (some) or have one custom made. You can even buy the legs individually on Amazon and remodel something yourself.

If you're looking for a way to make a piece less chunky but don't want to remodel entirely - hairpin legs are for you.

2. Accent Kitchen Appliances

What if we told you that you could have a purple stove? Like a giant purple gas stove with a matching purple range. Would you think we're crazy?

We might be - but accent kitchen appliances are in right now. It takes us back to the '50s a little bit, but these are accents. We're not doing the whole kitchen in purple.

The best way to integrate this trend into your house is to do neutral colors in the rest of your kitchen. Then, you pull in the appliance color with your decor. Maybe a purple backsplash - but definitely purple dish towels.

You can opt for purple dishes if you have a glass cabinet display too.

Not a fan of purple? Don't worry - this trend comes in every color you can think of from red to olive green.

3. Natural Wood Slabs

Years ago it was all about glass top tables. Then we were seeing farmhouse big, rough-looking tables. Now? We're skipping the idea of processing altogether and going for natural slabs of wood.

Usually, these are warm colored woods, like pecan or maple. They're cut in interesting shapes and then sealed with resin or epoxy.

These tables are expensive, but they're definitely a conversation piece.

Want to really impress your friends? Get yourself a wood slab table with hairpin legs. That will blow them away!

Or you can replace your granite countertop with a slab. Just make sure you use cutting boards, or you'll be sorry.

4. Houseplants Galore

If you haven't noticed, plants and plant prints are in. It's hard to open an interior design magazine without finding a wallpaper with oversized palm leaves painted on it.

And there's a reason for that. It's called biophilia - the relationship between humans and plants. People are realizing that if you bring a little bit of the outside inside, you can more at home.

If you want to bring this trend into your home, try it out with a plush throw blanket with a leaf design. If you know you're bad at houseplants, spend the money on real looking fake ones.

You won't get the air cleaning benefits of having a plant in the house - but you'll get the look of it.

5. Wallpaper

Yup - wallpaper is back. It feels like we just spent hours of our lives peeling it off walls, but the trend lives.

Instead of cheesy prints and kitschy colors, we're seeing people move toward florals. It's more in to do an accent wall than the whole room now, so people are getting a little bit wild about the print they choose.

Jewel tones and nature motifs are really in right now when it comes to wall coverings.

If you're not committed to the print or you don't want to bother with the whole wetting it and application process, you can buy removable wallpaper.

It's still a pain to put up - but it's a breeze to take down.

6. Open Shelving

If you're not the kind of person who puts things back where they go, this trend is not for you.

Open kitchen and bathroom shelves give a room a much more open vibe than cabinets, and they're less expensive.

You have to be adamant about putting things back on the shelves, though, because this trend doesn't look good when things are messy.

You can invest in cute plastic tubs and even glass jars to hold things on your shelf. It shouldn't be your main form of storage - you'll still need a pantry for the bulk of your stuff.

Not doing your kitchen right now? Try it in your bathroom. Learn more here on ways to do it that amplify the look of your space!

7. Decorative Backsplashes

Are you ready to knock down some cabinets now? There's something about watching HGTV that can make you really want to pick up a sledgehammer.

If you're going to get rid of some cabinets like if you were installing open shelving, go for a bold backsplash. It should still be in neutral colors, but have fun with the patterns.

Tie the colors into the rest of your decor and you're all set!

Decorating Trends That are Out of This World

Did you like the wacky trends? We do! We love bringing a bit more personality back into houses after living through the modern and neutral design phase.

Let us know what you end up doing when you're changing your decorating trends that are out and refreshing your home.

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