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Today I'm going to tell you about my graze party I had last weekend, I never regret that I went there even if I often do it when I go party because it ends that IĀ“m drank and say completely wrong things. But this part I went to was unlivable I had a lot of fun and didnĀ“t even want to go home until that disgusting thing happened, that neither I and my friends excepted to see.

when we were dancing, Lisa (my friend) went to bring drinks to us, but as soon as she came to the kitchen we heard her scream, so we hurried their and saw her boyfriend making up with another girl. Lisa freaked out and took a glass full of beer and throw it on his face, a few seconds later the girl he was with frothed on him, it looked and smelt so disgusting, that I either wished I was behind a trash.šŸ˜šŸ˜

After all this drama we went out, while we were going Sara the one who invited us came to apologize and look how Lisa felt after all this miss, Lisa just headed and said that she was fine. We actually donĀ“t know much about Sara, but as long as we had known her, she seems nice. But the reason to why we came to her party is that all our friends were there and we wanted to see her house since everyone talk about how big and beautiful house she has, I can tell that is true. Her house ten twenty times bigger than my apartment. The second thing that I didnĀ“t expected to happen was to lose my phone when we were in the middle of the way, I screamed the loudest I could and said MYY PHONE IS GONE, LETS MAY BE THERE. LETS GO BACK.

All looked at my with a incredulous faces, then we saw the train go by and didnĀ“t know what to do, we just stood there and looked at each other. Suddenly we heard someone shouting my name, so I turned around and guess who it was?!?!

Mike that I have been in love with since I got to New York, he had my phone and said to me if I want my phone back I had to go out with him. I said Yes because I was forced or was I?

I donĀ“t really know and I didnĀ“t want to know, we just say that I was forced. He also drove us him. IsnĀ“t he sweet?!?šŸ˜šŸ˜

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heeey!! itĀ“s me again

I am not really on a good mood today, itĀ“s feels like I am going to blow up soon. The reason to my bad mood is that I changed to another school, the thing isnĀ“t that the new school is bad or donĀ“t learn in good way, but the problem is that I broke the family tradition because all the family members went there and finished it. But I CouldnĀ“t!!!! why am I so stupid???

when my mum finds out she will kill me, so I donĀ“t dare to call her and tell her the truth I donĀ“t know how to say it, every time she calls me, I just ignore her calls or lie to her and I really hate to lie . I donĀ“t think she will understand that my new school is much better than that ugly, dirty school.

My new school is the vicinity of my house it takes me 30 minutes to be there, I donĀ“t have to stand out in the cold and wait for the bus or train to come. when I get there I donĀ“t need to see teachers that look like they are forced to come to school and just smile once in the year, but now In my new school I see different faces that are happy and welcoming me to school.  They even are much better in  teaching because they give  consideration to all the students for example if someone don't understand they repeat despite they did it lot of time, they don't show tried faces like it was in my old school.  Even the students are social and slightly entertaining, but you can learn a lot from them.  Not like my old school there was just full of nerd that never talks.

Now I have to go because me friends is waiting for me

Please give to advice who I will tell my mother....???



I am quite the ordinary girl who lives in New York,with me friends in a big apartment but according to us lit's very small, because we always fight about place that happens because everyone puts their things wherever they want to. But now we have decided rules for where everyone puts their things and I hope it works even if we are so slatternly.  The thing I hope most that my mum don't  visit me because she will kill me, she hates when it's messy somewhere and our apartment is a disaster.

I moved from Sweden to New York for three years ago, to study in a school called Muncher school . My parents always wanted to go there because they have the best eduction in the world, but to me it seems like a normal school and I have to study very hard and that boring me. I don't even have spare time I can just watch tv programs like pretty little liars and revenge

By the way I forget to say that my is Almathea but they usually call me Allleeeiiisss. I created this blog to  freak out  and tell about things that's happens me. 

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