My thoughts for the blogg was always to write in English and today is just 8 weeks off until my flight leaves, so Im making some changes.

A while back I decided I would start a second instagram account fully devoted to my studies and everything sweet in my life. I have yet to activate or post anything but I see some of you have already found it and are following! I will still use my private account and share some of my journey there. (Update, the account is now active and live!)

The new account is @almaisabellapastry and I would love if you send me some love and follow my new account

So, eight weeks! Thats all the time I have left before I move. I feel so exited and I just want time to move faster! I do have so much left of packing to do! How do you even start deciding what to bring? Do you have any good tips for packing when moving abroad?

Hope to se you on @almaisabellapastry soon! Ill leave a link to the instagram in my blogg description

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