"Call to look slim and lose all those extra pounds in an instant"

This is just one of the many sentences that i have heard in Tv that make me lose hope. How superficial can our society be? Why am i sitting in the living room watching the body of a young woman be marked over "problematic areas" A bit of her stomach is round, her hips are wide and she has rolls when she sits, and because of that and so many other reasons she should buy a tight corset type of wear. This artifact will not only make her look slim but it will also make her lose weight.

A question that still remains unanswered is "why". Why do we mark something as normal as human fat as something disgusting, As something that should be taken care of. That message is hidden in stuff like fashion catalogs, models, movies and so much more. We, humans, grow up learning hat we must look and act a certain way to e the best version of ourselves. I'm Latina, i don't have sun kissed skin, long dark wavy hair, nor do i have cleavage and this is the case for so many people which leads to feeling incomplete in a way. Feeling like there's an image to reach and doing the impossible to do so.

I dare you to find someone who doesn't answer to a compliment by brushing it off or in a sarcastic way because people don't usually find themselves beautiful (If you do i applaud you and please teach me how to). And this isn't just a coincidence, there is a reason why we are so determined to say we aren't pretty. These reasons are the adult that says "You'd look so much better with a dress" or a friend saying "You look you good when you make an effort". However, it is not their fault, we all consume what is selled to us as perfect, pretty and beautiful. They believe we are prettier wearing a dress for the same reason that i think i have to cover up pimples with make up.

And you can say i'm wrong but every time i watch a model post something about body positivity or how every one is beautiful i can't help but feel i bit angry. Of course it's easier to say everybody is gorgeous if you look like a Victoria's secret angel, you know what i mean? It is hard t believe every body type is beautiful when saying fat is a synonym of ugly.

What we should do is understand that is not a matter of something being beautiful or ugly because as many people say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's more of a matter of how socially accepted something is. We shouldn't have to spread body positivity if we didn't spread body shaming twice as fast.

We can't let adjectives define what we eat, what to do and how to live. So that's why i think that we are not beautiful, we are not ugly, we are just humans and that should be all the validation we need.

I like to finish things up with a picture and a quote, so here you go.

*Also please remember this is all my personal opinion, you may agree and you may not, differences are what make life interesting

"We are all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving"

Kingsley Shacklebolt, The Deathly Hallows