For me photographing means capturing moments. For some people it is a way to express themselves, but for me it's purely about taking care that I remember all of the things I do and people I meet. I cannot even describe how many times I've gone through my photo albums with, without even lying, ten thousands of pictures and smiling all the way through. I just simply love that nostalgic feeling I get. Yet I cannot wait to take more pictures with more people in new adventures.

Most of the time I use my dear iPhone 5S as my moment capturer, but when I want high quality pictures I take my Nikon D5500 with me. I'm in love with the 90mm objective and I use it the most.

Apart from photographing I also love the editing part. Why is that? Well, that is when you get the picture alive and sometimes to show the viewer what you really saw because let's be honest, the camera cannot capture the same as your eyes. I mostly use Photoshop, but sometimes even Lightroom. Those programs are quite new to me and before I decided to go pro I used Google's Picasa.

What is the most important thing according to me? LIGHT. Light light light. I prefer to photograph in natural light, but for example with these pictures in this post I just love the different kinds of artificial lighting and different kinds of colors. Of course I have had to edit them quite a bit to get the real experience of the light out, but totally worth it. I especially love the one with me swimming in pink lightning and the blueish graveyard picture.

By the way, all of these pictures are taken in Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden as they had their Halloween-week this week. Totally worth the money.



Hi hello!

So, a new blog. I believe this is probably my tenth blog I make.. But I just love writing and documenting everything I do and share my day and what I do with others. But this blog will be a bit different from my previous ones since first of all; this blog is in english (!!). My native language is finnish and swedish (I speak both as fluently) and all of my past blogs has been in either of those languages.

Second of all; this blog is not going to be about me, it's going to be about all the "nerdy" things I do.

Yeah, that's about it haha.

But what kind of "nerdy" stuff do I mean? Well, the idea for this blog came from my bullet journal. I like to be creative in it and are more than happy to share it with others even though I'm not an artist. Today I also have a traveler's notebook and a separate journal that I use as my diary.

Besides from this journaling-stuff I also like to paint, write, draw/doodle, take photos, read, listen to A LOT of music etc etc. So this blog is about everything except me. I might share my thought on something, but the main focus is not me and my looks.

I feel like this introduction post ended up as nothing as I planned but whatever..

​Here is a picture from Nynäshamn in Sweden I took today as the sun set.