​So I have finally started back to uni, my final year before Icomplete my double Bachelors degree of early childhood and Primary education. It’sbeen a long three years so far and this year just seems to be going very fast. I’vebeen really swamped with assignments and getting back into the flow of thingsin the last few weeks, I’m not very organised when it comes to do the readingsfor classes and catching up on lecture activities.

 I have been lookingat what to expect when I graduate university. I have been looking at jobopportunities around Brisbane and there really aren’t any/many jobs. I havebeen looking at where I might want to go to that isn’t too far away from my familybut far enough to be able to get some jobs. I was also looking at places torent while away and what sort of things to expect as I have never lived awayfrom home before.

I was originally planning to move to London and do a workingholiday for two years. Once I looked into it I knew I had to save a lot ofmoney and I don’t think I would be able to do it before the end of the year. I planto go in the next three or so years.

I am excited to explore my career further. I have been luckyto get a job interview for an early childhood role on Tuesday. I’m nervousabout it. I’m hoping that I am successful and get some experience in the field forwhen I do finish university.

Although uni has been stressful I have had my friends pushingme through and keeping me going, its now half way through. I seriously don’t knowwhere I would be without my friend. I don’t think I would have been able tofinish my course.

I’m excited where life will take me at the end of the yearand what the future holds. 

So long for now,


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Travel story today! I thought i would tell you all about my Hawaii trip - yes it was back in November and its now March but seeing as though I have just started blogging I thought it might be worth writing about.

So a year ago yesterday my partner Michael and I booked flights to Hawaii, out of no where we were on a trip of a life time - my first trip overseas without my parents and Michaels first trip overseas. We were super excited. We had so much to plan and save for now the plane ride was booked (Michael didn't even have a passport). Over the next few months we saved, as we both at the time were working part time we didn't have a lot saved. We found a hotel that was reasonably priced AU$1,500 which for 10 days was great. Once we booked our hotel we got an email from Jetstar saying our flights had changed dates. We weren't very happy however we got an extra day. The hotel was very good and helped change our dates with only the nights extra charge. We kept planning over the last few months. Then it arrived...

It was the day of flying out. i couldn't contain myself. The flight was 10 hours over night - we both couldn't sleep and we arrived at 6am in Hawaii with a big day ahead of us. The Hotel was able to let us into our room at 11am, it was supposed to be 4pm that we could access the room, we were able to leave our stuff there and explore around our hotel for a few hours. We had a good sleep that night as you could imagine. The next morning we decided on things to do, there was so much... We got sucked into many tours probably at a more expensive cost - but both of us not really knowing (thats something I will know for next time). Throughout the 10 days we climbed the Diamond head creator, went to the zoo and aquarium, we also got to see the north shore of the island where all the big surf competitions are held, as well as a movie set tour where jurassic park and many other movies are filmed. We of course had a Luau... that was a culture shock not only for myself but for Michael as well, Hawaii has so many cultures. On one of our last days we went to pearl harbour - WOW is all I can say about that... if you ever get the change I would 100% recommend going. Im a bit of a history nut but it was a complete eye opener.

Our time went so quick while we were there it almost felt like we missed out on so much but at the same time we were busy every day. Hawaii is a place i would recommend but the biggest mistake I think we did was not knowing what to do and how much there was to do there.

Alisha Over and Out




My name is Alisha. I was born in New Zealand but i am currently living in Australia. I am studying my Bachelor of education. Im in my final year - Yippee!!!

My family:

In my family i have my two loving parents (Sue and Ian). They are the most amazing and loving parents I know, they push me to succeed my goals and live my dreams. I have two sisters, my oldest sister (my half sister) is Kylie. We have different mums, she is currently living in London married to Lee. My youngest sister Rachael is still in high school and reminds me so much of myself at her age.

My Friends:

my best friend is my boyfriend Michael, he is super dooper amazing. . I also have some pretty amazing friends to go along with him, there is Lauren (who i do a heap of stupid shit with), Kassie who lives in New Zealand, I have a heap of other friends from Swimming, School, Work and around the place. I am pretty lucky to have all these people!

My travels:

So i plan to do a bit of traveling as well as blogging about life. I Have traveled a lot, Ive been to Australia and New Zealand and Obviously lived in both, Ive been to Fiji, South Korea, around the pacific islands (3 times and doing it again in November) and I have just been to Hawaii in November 2015.

so thats an introduction to me!! stick around and read more and if you have any tips for me i will be very grateful as this is my first ever blog that I'm sharing with people

Until next time  - Alisha