Frank Owens, Ltd.has been committed to the home building industry for several years already.Members of the firm are also active and updated with its latest trends, andthey keep themselves familiar with its cutting-edge news.

Three years ago in themonth of November, a renowned news magazine revealed that there was an increaseof 22.7% in the new residential construction projects, which is regarded as thehighest one-month improvement. Old news like this might not interest youanymore but this is a strong evidence of the palpable growth of the homebuilding industry around the world.

For this industry,stability is entirely possible today. Obviously, companies and professionalslinked to this industry see this as good news. Different predictions say thatthere will be an increase in the number of houses from the expected economicrecovery and the number ranges from 300 to even 500,000. Frank Owens, Ltd.understands that economy could take advantage of the gradual growth in thisindustry as real estate and residential building prices become higher.

Steady growth predictionsare based on the current improvements onthe employment and economic sectors, along with the reasonably priced housingand mortgage rates. But everything still depends on the availability of thecrucial elements needed in the homebuilding industry, such as land, labor, and materials that also need to keep upwith the growing demand.

This year, the sales growthis expected to increase by 20% due to more than 10% increase in thesingle-family homebuilding. Frank Owens Limited believes that this is based on the "post-crisis" of the housing market as well as the stable positionof the home-ownership trend.

As mentioned earlier, FrankOwens, Ltd. stays updated to the latest trends in the homebuilding industry.They are also prompt in releasing news related to this industry. They are knownfor their great service in recruiting loyal and key personnel involved inhomebuilding. The firm aims to provide executives that can deliver technicaland managerial skills to keep businesses in good condition.