Yesterday at Kolmården

Hi guys! In today's post I was thinking to tell you about my day at Kolmården. I went there with my parents and siblings. I think that little kids will enjoy this place more, especially Bamse´s World :)). But it is just as fun for teens or older people. This place is amazing to visit, especially during summer and it has so much to offer! It is a Wildlife park, there are also lots of roller coasters and different kinds of places from where you can buy food, souvenirs and so on.

Then we have Bamse's World for little kids, but like I said it is just as fun for older people! Both me and my parents loved it. It was a beautiful day! My favorite part of this whole place was of course the candy shop :)). There was so much candy in that shop and it was so hard to decide what to buy. Everywhere you looked you just saw even more candies.

Later on, we went to a little cute hose that was supposed to be Bamse's house. Everything was so colorful and pretty. Then we found this mirror and we had to take a mirror selfie, obviously. My brother may seem super happy in that photo, but trust me, he hated it and I think that he hated me even more haha. I took more than thirty photos and I could feel how badly he wanted to kill me. I am such a good sister, right? Hihi😊

For lunch I ate some really good chicken nuggets with fries. The packaging looked so cute. After lunch Lucas, dad and I finally decided to try the "Wildfire" roller coaster. I was so damn scared, literally the worst decision that I have ever made. I love roller coasters but this one was too much for me to handle. I literally thought I was going to die haha. Apparently, Wildfire is the fastest wooden coaster in Europe and second tallest wooden coaster in the WORLD!! I don't want to scare any of you guys, but seriously, I am never ever going on that thing again.

Yesterday was such a great day and I am so happy that I spent it with my family. I am also very proud of myself for going on that crazy roller coaster :)). Thanks God I am still here today lol. Talk to you later!

XOXO, Lexy



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