This week's obsession...

Hello friendos! A few days ago, I came up with this super fun idea of posting “this week’s obsession” every single Sunday/during the weekend! This way I could share with you some of my favorite clothing items that I’ve been loving during the week, colors, different styles, food and so on. A bunch of inspirational pictures. I hope you like this idea, personally I love it! :) I’ve seen many different influencers and beauty gurus posting stuff like this too, it’s kinda like a trend now! But it’s actually really fun and you can get creative making collages, editing photos etc. I enjoy writing blog posts and how I can get creative with fashion, decor and other cool things like that.

Sometimes I will post on my insta stories too, so make sure to follow me there, if you want to see more!!

Now let’s talk about this week’s obsession! I’ve been obsessed with this beautiful green color, it’s so cute and vintage. In my opinion this color matches perfectly with gold details, like jewelry, decorations etc. I also love this shade of green as nail polish! I have it on my nails at the moment and I can’t stop looking at them haha.

I also want that IPhone case soo badly! Hopefully I can find it in the store, it’s so pretty! Literally the perfect shade of green.

XOXO, Lexy



Te iubesc ❤️❤️
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