Summer has finally arrived!

Hello! Long time no see! Well this happened again, I keep saying that I am going to update the blog, at least 2-3 times a week...but that never happens. I always have the same old excuse, school haha. But that is true, sometimes it can be hard to have time for your hobbies or to do things that you like, since the school gets in your way. However, that is not going to be a “problem” anymore because tomorrow we will finally get summer break. I am so excited for this summer! There will be some trips and lots of fun things coming up. Stay tuned for that, as I will update you on here for sure!

It is Tuesday today, and tomorrow will be the last day of school for this semester! I am so happy and excited :) Yesterday (Monday) was a chill day. My class together with our teachers went on a little trip to Djurgårdsbrunn. It is such a pretty place, especially during the summer, because everything is so pretty and there are lots of nice spots where you can take beautiful pictures. Hedda and I spotted these colorful flowers and thought "it is photoshoot timeee" haha. But those flower shrubs were also the reason to why we ended up coming 30 minutes late at the picnic! Good job :) Anyways, that day turned out to be better than I expected, we had a lot of fun, our teachers brought food and many different juices, we played some games, it was a nice picnic.

The picnic lasted for about 3 hours and after that everybody went home, or probably to eat some ice cream since the weather was amazing and the sun was up pretty much all day. I decided to go back to school with Hedda because we had to leave some books at the school library. After that we saw some pictures on Instagram, of a super cool ice cream store that Magnum opened here in Stockholm. Soo of course we had to go. When we got there, I was so impressed haha, the store looked so cool and the best thing was that you actually got to design your own ice cream. If you want to see more pictures and some super cool boomerangs that we took, go check my insta account (alexia.lexy).

Monday was a great day, but I still cannot believe that the first year of high school is over tomorrow!! Wow, time goes by so fast lol. Two more years to go! Weehooo :)

I am so excited for this summer break, I will for sure update the blog more. Also, stay tuned because I am planning to maybe, post a Q&A here some day during this week. I am probably going to make an insta story where you can ask me something, so go follow me NOW hihi.

XOXO, Lexy



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