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Hi everyone! I have been so freking excited to write this post, and finally it is happening! I have recently done a room makeover and I am so excited to share it with you guys! I love decorating and whenever I got bored, I used to change thigs up all the time in this room. Not like huge changes, I just liked to get creative and move my furniture around or just make some DIY's with things that I already owned. But this time I decided that it was time to buy some new cute and aesthetic furniture/decor. I just love how everything turned out! Also, as you can see, pretty much everything in this room is pink :)). But I love it!

The first thing that I got was a new chair. I used to have a basic one from Ikea and I hated it so much, as it was very uncomfortable and not that cute haha. When I saw this on Mio's website (a Swedish store for home decor) I fell in love. My parents and I decided to go there and see it in real life. When we got there, I did not even have to think about getting it or not, because I was a hundred procent sure that this was perfect, and it looked exactly how I imagined it. I really like this pink color and the gold details. GOALS GOALS GOALS!

Now my desk looks like this. I do not really like to keep a lot of stuff on it. I decided to decorate it with small pieces and keep it pretty simple and clean. I put this cute "MODE" magazine here, I really like it because it is pink and I thought it looked nice if I put it on the desk (more aesthetic, if ya know what I mean, lol). I also have a small makeup mirror that I got ages ago, a cute pen holder that I bought in Monaco, a cute vase with gold details to match and this amazing candle from "Rituals".

Yesterday I went to "Royal Design" with my mom and we found this cute flowerpot. I really liked the shape and the details, and it goes perfect in my room. I just love to decorate or go shopping for decorations, it makes me so happy.

At "Mio" I also found this gorgeous lamp that matches perfectly with the chair. They both come in this beautiful velvet material, it is so nice and soft. It looks amazing and I think that this lamp completes the room, totally :)

This whole redecorating my room idea, started when I found these furry rugs. They are pink and cute as hell. I found these at “Hemtex” and after that I just wanted to buy even more stuff. I am so so happy with how everything turned out. On my wish list, I have a few more things that I need to buy for this room. I just wanted to give you guys a little look on what my room looks likeat the moment. Very pink and girly but I think a little bit aesthetic at the same time hihi. I will keep you updated.

Talk to you soon!

XOXO, Lexy



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