Hello! It is Thursday today and the first official day of summer break. The weather kind of ruins the summer feeling, but hopefully it is going to get better soon. Like I mentioned in my last blog post, I am going to do a Q&A. I posted something similar a long time ago, when I just started blogging. However yesterday I posted an Instagram story where people could ask me some questions that I should answer in the Q&A. So here we go!

1.What quote do you try to live by?

I actually have two: "Smile more, worry less" & Breathe, it's just a bad day, not a bad life"

2. What does your name mean?

This question was a bit random and honestly, I had to look it up because I have no idea. I have never thought of what my name means lol. Here is what I found on google: "Derived from the Greek alexein (to defend, to help)."

3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Now I live in Sweden. But I love to travel and explore new places, take lots of beautiful pictures and make great memories that I will never forget. I hope to be able to do that all my life as it really is the best thing I know. If I could live somewhere else it will definitely be a tropical/exotic/warm place where you can enjoy the nice weather, sunbathing whenever you want and eat amazing food. It could be something like, Maldives, Bora Bora (haha I wish) or Los Angeles. I would love to get to explore Los Angeles. I have never been there, it was a dream since I was younger to see Los Angeles, maybe one day my dream will come true (fingers crossed).

4. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

The best advice that I got was probably when someone told me "Always keep your head up, never look down and never let anyone make you feel miserable. You should look in the mirror every single day and tell yourself "You are freaking amazing!" I feel like that was such a great advice and I will never ever forget it, really. I think that everybody should be thinking this way because it is so damn accurate!

5. What is the destination for the trip of your dreams?

That destination would probably be Maldives or Dubai. I would love to see these places!

6. What do you think about your first year in high school?

I have to say that when I started the first year of high school, I was terrified. I did not know anyone there, everything was so new, but it felt exciting at the same time to meet my new teachers and make new friends. When I went in elementary school, the school was so close from my house, I used to walk every single day. But high school was a whole different thing haha, now I suddenly had to take the bus, the train and sometimes the metro. I thought yes, it is a bit far away, but that will not be a problem for me. I really liked this school and I was so happy when I found out that I got accepted. Something that I found out throughout the year was that there is definitely a huge difference between elementary school and high school. But that is not something that we students have to fear; I don't think anyone did. You just have to do your best (too cheesy?) lol.

7. What is your go to nail polish for the summer?

My go to nail polish for the summer is something bright like bright pink, orange, yellow. But I have really been into pastel colors lately and peachy colors too. So pretty! My favorite nail polish at the moment is "saltwater happy" from Essie.

8. How many places have you been to and which one was the most exciting to visit?

I visited 9 countries so far. I am so grateful that I get to travel to different countries and explore many beautiful places. In the future I hope to visit even more! But the most exciting trip was definitely New York! It was such a great experience, the people seemed to be so nice and friendly. We were lucky to get good weather and sun while staying there. It was a trip that I will never forget! I hope to go back soon.

9. What is your most important accessory?

My most import accessories are earrings, necklaces and rings. I cannot go out without them and I feel like they also complete the outfit. I really like the ones that you also can see in the picture above. Wow, that is such a nice choker! I also love the gold necklace with her name on it (I took the picture from Pinterest). Another accessory that I love are a pair of nice and cool sunglasses. Lately I have been into cat eye sunglasses, just like the ones that you can see in the picture.

10. Any style tips for the summer time?

I love fashion and I can say that I have many different styles. Sometimes I like to wear a sporty look such as Nike/Adidas shoes, some jeans/shorts and a simple t-shirt/hoodie. But I also like girly, classy and sometimes vintage looks. Maybe a cute dress/skirt with some sandals, but also a pair of white Converse shoes can go perfect with it. You can never go wrong with white converses during the summer time! They go pretty much with every single outfit, love them! Something that I have been into lately are colorful playsuits/jumpsuits, like the one in the picture above, so pretty! I have seen that skirts, like the white one with black dots (the picture in the middle) are in style this summer and they look amazing! Definitely something that I will wear a lot during the summer break!

I hope that this post was not that boring, and you liked to read this little Q&A. I had a lot of fun answering all these questions and I also hope that you got some inspiration, who knows? Love ya'll :)

XOXO, Lexy



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