Keeping track with trends is a serious matter for businesses. Marketers are keen on either following the trend or setting a new one in order to reach a larger target market. The latter may be too challenging and risky. A lot of companies updates on the latest forecast instead. The Peterson Group, expert in sales productivity and lead generation using powerful marketing tools, has released their latest review of possible in the upcoming years:

1. Digital Marketing is set to expand more

Marketing has reached a new level on the innovation of the internet. Various online marketing strategies are now plaguing the market including fraudulent ones which also causes a great number of scams. These illegal cybercrimes have caused new and advanced legislation to be passed in response to the changing modern world. However, there is no stopping the growth of online marketing which is available anywhere, even on mobile phones. Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to market your brand using different media at the same time, gain potential leads and earn customers.

2. Print marketing is not dying

Despite the obvious growth in digital marketing, the journey from trigger to full purchase is not fully online. The tendency to base every marketing strategy on the number of clicks and searches alone will be faulty. People nowadays are not born when there is no paper since we are still using it today. It is still instinctive of human beings to read something which can be seen and held at the same time. Older market can still be attracted to flyers, brochures and other printed materials which they can look into and review whenever they want.

3. Location-Based Marketing Will Dominate

Most people nowadays would automatically look up at their phones when they are hungry or need something. Indicating an address and putting it up on online directories is a must. All of your digital marketing efforts will be put to waste if people cannot see you or if you have advertised your brand to as far as Jakarta, Indonesia or Melbourne, Australia when you are only servicing in New Delhi, India.

4. Marketing Specialists will be in demand

Since this is becoming a competitive world we are living in and marketing is a vital part of every business, companies are now hiring experts in the field to level with rivals. Marketing businesses are expected to see big leaps in their revenue and more clients will be lining up on their heels.



Some of you may already be familiar with the term Batik, a unique fabric which originated from the archipelago of Indonesia. It is impossible to go to the country and not be introduced to this pride.

Batik is one of the few fabrics which can awaken more than your visual senses. Aside from the different color combinations, the patterns of batik also urge you to feel the fabric. When you also come to a batik factory, you can actually smell it.

Batik signifies a unique culture. Although a lot of experts argue on its original derivations with dozens of reviews, all of them agree that none have developed batik to its present form as a highly intricate fabric than Java, Indonesia.


Wearing of Batik fabric in the earlier times is the symbolism of royalty. It was regarded an important part of a young ladies accomplishment that she be capable of handling a canting (the pen-like instrument used to apply wax to the cloth) with a reasonable amount of skill, certainly as important as cookery and other housewifery arts to Central Javanese women. Batik has been a vital part of Indonesian culture and tradition that even until now, many people are continuously using it as clothes in the 21st century. You can still stroll around Jakarta and see young ladies covered with batik-inspired dresses.

Tools and Materials

Batik is made from simple materials such as cotton or silk so that it can absorb the wax that is applied in the dye resisting process. The fabric is of high thread count or is densely woven. The process of preparation involves intricacies which only an expert weaver can make. The skill of weaving Batik is passed on in generations and professionals in these fields are local women mostly living in villages. They use a tool called canting that is a small thin wall spouted copper container that is connected to a short bamboo handle.

Modern designs also use synthetic materials although many experts advise against it as it can be made from fraud materials. Batik materials can also be purchased in other parts of the world or online.


The Peterson Group notes how important Batik is in today’s upholstery designs. Aside from being used as clothes, it can also be used to weave different items from sit covers to using it for craft and art designs. It can also be used in additional home furnishings such as pillow cases, bed covers and cushions.