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Here is my first "Let's Chat About" blog post. I will be doing a number of these based on different topics and I thought as its nice and sunny outside and also I have a holiday coming up in less than a week I thought what better way to get into the holiday spirit then to show off my new bikini purchases.

One thing that I dislike more then anything is bikini shopping, the stress of going to many different shops in the hope that I will be able to find a two piece that fits both on the top and the bottom. I mean, it's bad enough going bra shopping. I am that unlucky size where boobs are a dream and my bum is non-existent.

Saying all of this isn't actually the reason for this post. The reason I wanted to talk all things bikini is because this year I’ve actually found ones I like. For once they fit and actually look nice on.

I am that unlucky petite girl that is still an "A" cup and has been ever since I was around 11. Trying to find an "A" bra cup that my boobs actually fill can be a mission at the best of times but this year luck seemed to have been in my favour. I wanted to go for something a little different. I love swimming costumes but tried my hardest to avoid covering up my whole body as I feel I should be confident in showing it off. Also my boyfriend is coming along with me so my mission is to tease ;) (that was a joke lol)

I have been loving Primark for their cheap and cheerful choices and also Debenhams which is a shock to anyone who knows me. (I never shop there). I also have some old ones that have gone through many years of burning in the sun and splashing about in the swimming pool but will always be my go to!

Below are some of my new purchases. That I thought you might like. I hope you enjoy! Please comment...

My first bikini purchase is my Debenhams bikini. I cannot explain how beautiful it is on and how lovely the colours are. This bikini was one of my most expensive bikini sets but that honestly didn't even bother me. The fit is perfect and covers everything it needs to. The top was £18 and the bottoms were £12. If you wish to purchase here is the link

This bikini was one of my lovely's from Primark. Primark is one of my all favourite stores when it comes to bikinis. I wasn't a major fan of the top but I couldn't help buying this one. The print is beautiful and putting them together makes the whole difference. I got mine from the bromley store but I have seen it being sold in others. The top was £8 and the bottoms were £5.

This bikini is also from Primark. As you can tell it is very much like the first one from Debenhams and that is exactly why I bought it. It is so beautiful! Who can go wrong with a black bikini. Thus purchase was a complete bargain and I am so happy I found the set. If you are looking to buy the top was £6 and the bottoms were £4.

Unfortunately I don't know the prices of this bikini. It was actually my sisters originally but it is a really weird fit. The boob area comes in very close to the nipples and she felt very uncomfortable. I was the same but realised it wasn't too bas just had to be a little careful with this one. I believe this one was from New Look.

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When I had my old blog this is one of the first things I wrote about and actually enjoyed writing about. I have suffered with panic attacks for a few years now and on many occasions others that have to deal with me do not have a clue as to what to do. Below are the many questions I have received and thought I could answer them here.

What is a panic attack?
A panic attack is a rush of intense psychological and physical symptoms. These symptoms of panic can be frightening and happen suddenly, often for no clear reason. Panic attacks usually last between five and twenty minutes, and although it may feel as though you are in serious trouble, they aren't dangerous and shouldn't cause any physical harm. It is unlikely you will be admitted to hospital if you have a panic attack. You may feel an overwhelming sense of fear and a sense of unreality, as if you’re detached from the world around you.

What happens during a panic attack?
Adrenaline is released, causing your heart to beat faster, and your muscles to tense. Blood heads straight to the muscles, making you pale and light headed. This also causes you to shake. Your senses are heightened, you become more aware of sounds and smells around you When adrenalin floods your body, it can cause a number of different physical and emotional sensations that may affect you during a panic attack, these may include: very rapid heartbeat, pains in your chest, feeling faint or dizzy, sweating/shivering, hot or cold flushes feeling, feelings of absolute terror and feeling smothered.

What triggered my panic attacks?
Many people ask me what triggered mine but to be honest I don't know myself. I have always been a worried person and I feel my worries just get the better of me. At one point I did go to the doctors and asked if there was anything I could do but the only advise I got given was that I needed to get a councillor and got handed a mental health leaflet. For some people there can be one certain thing that triggers off panic attacks for example being around drunk people, small places, arguments but for people like me anything can trigger it off.

What helps me?
When I'm actually having a panic attack, I find the only things that really calm me down is when people talk to me to try and get my mind off of things, going outside or just sitting and trying to staying calm. At times this doesn't always help. Once I was in Prague and my panic attack got the better of me. At first I will start to twitch and this will make me panic more as I know one is coming... then my breathing starts and before I know it I will be physically screaming on the ground because of the pain. The best thing for anyone to do is to stay calm and talk to me.

How can I help someone who suffers Panic Attacks?
1. Remain calm. 2. Be patient, and accepting. 3. Let them do things at their own pace. 4. Don't make assumptions about what the panicker needs, ask them. 5. Find something positive in every experience. If the affected person is only able to go partway to a particular goal, such as the cinema or out for a coffee, consider that an achievement rather than a failure. 6. Remember that they don't choose to be this way.

I hope this post can help at least one person in either avoiding having a panic attack or helping someone who is having a panic attack.




Hello Nouw, I have now started my new blog and I am so excited, my old blog was a little dated and I never felt truly happy with it I fell out of love with the blog and got bored of writing all together. For the past few weeks I have been sitting and planning my brand new blog and what content will be included. I couldn't be happier with the layout and knowing what will be included, I now feel very inspired.

The one thing I want to point out is that I write these blog posts because I enjoy it. It's kind of like a diary that I get top share. My opinions are my own and everything I write about is because I want to write about it. Anyway... So the question you all may be thinking is what will my blog include... well let me tell you.

I have such a love for people who post on YouTube but have never had the confidence in making my own. In a nutshell I am a shy girl that would happily hide behind my computer screen. Everything that most people would post videos about I would do it in a blog kind of way. In my blog you can expect everything from lifestyle to fashion and beauty which I can't say I am the best at but still enjoy. One of my favourite things to post about is photography, I will be posting images that I have taken for fun and also adding some to my other posts. I will talk about things on my mind, current events going on, my favourite things and much much more.

I can't promise there will be a blog post everyday and I certainly can't promise they will always be amazing but I can try my best.

I hope you enjoy and please comment with anything you'd like me to talk about.

Love AJay x