These two pictures were taken when I visited the event that showcased how Svensk were living in the old days. They showcase the wooden house - which is super realistic with all the traditional clutters strategically placed in the small wooden cottage/house. It was really unique experience because me with my overly excited imaginative mind feel like I travelled in time to the old days where they dress like they were in the ancient times, they have traditional looking carriage pulled by horses and best of all was that I could play with the herds they gathered in the open space. Along with it, best of all is that they have various cheese tasting booths made by people living around the area. It was not just any common cheese-tasting experience but it was the artisanal kind of cheeses where the farmers experimented a lot with the cheese-making processes.

This post is the first post for #nouw30daychallenge -- I just thought I could get creative with the first post by telling a story from 2 pictures that I randomly picked; It also a story that incites random happiness feeling for me just to remind me to be randomly happy through any time.

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More like: how can I be committed to write on this blog for 30 days straight. So, from the beginning of the 2018, I said to myself that this year is going to be year of building small habits and see how it will be at the end of the year... and what better way to make this #nouw30daychallenge exactly about that. Throughout this challenge, I would like to see how far I could get with this whole regular blogging thing (mainly) but aside from that I challenge myself to post about the little habits that I am trying to get into -- I know, baby steps everybody! So, here are some posts that I will have to make sure to make during the 30 days challenge:

1. 5 days not forgetting drinking enough water

2. 7 days straight on language-learning app

3. 7 days of being pescetarian and vegetarian

4. Gratitude notes

5. Review about grapeseed oil nightly routine

6. No self-doubting, self-deprecating talk for 7 days straight (Mr. Tortoise will help me in this and watch for any negative sentence)

7. 30 days of reading a page from book (any book)

8. 30 days straight of listening to a good podcast

9. Make a 30 days playlist! -- oh this one is going to be fun.

Okay, I really hope I can execute all of this and actually be committed to it! I will make an update post every time I start any of these challenges.



What follows in this post will probably not the most coherent and nor will it be well-written. But I really feel that I need to let it out as a note to self and as take-away from 2017. Hoppsan, what a year, 2017! There were so much nonsense and things that I wish I could just screamed at. Nights with loud noises in my mind that I did not know how to make stop and ended up fell asleep at 4 am, but I SURVIVE IT. The year with constant effort dealing with anxiety and weird emotions. but above all, I need to remind myself that...

I have learned to manage myself better when the anxiety hits, for that I am so proud of myself and for being able to cope with it better. Also, need to remember that the negative inner dialog telling "you don't deserve it" or other sounds do not define me and my life and do not affect anything, and everything will be alright and happy -- just like the bubbly self that I (actually) am.

I have learned that "the people (parents) who teach you how the world works may not know too much about it themselves... you do not need to prove to yourself or to anyone else who you are. Only you get to decide that...You will not feel this restricted forever. You will grow up and move on and be surrounded with a homemade family who will love you for who you are and it won't be this bad" -Dodie (thank you for this one)

I have learned that, just loving someone is only half of the concept; to love them right and understanding them in any given time is what makes the love whole. and to remember that love is meant to share happiness, not creating one sided selfish happiness for one's self. Also, to remember that being together means that it is two individuals choosing to be together and share their life with one another; not one person living entirely for the other. Do things that make you happy, do things that put you in your elements, and share the happiness with them. Love them right with your own unique way.

Having said that, in all honesty 2017 was wacky awesome too and I am sure some of the moments in it already made into my happy core memories. Hoping for 2018 to be smooth-sailing , peaceful year and the year filled with hopes, happiness, and gratitude. Nu kör vi, 2018, valkommen :)



It is 2030 where diversity is the new normal. It is not anything like in 2010s where social advancement was "not" on par with technological advancement. I still remember how the technological advancement was meant to provide a medium for people to understand one another; to bridge the gap in between our neighbors and how it could have been used to not only build a solid human unification but at the same time promote diversity in business settings. However it was to no avail because the majority of people, and in the case of business settings, members of the upper management failed to embrace this advantage that technological advancement had provided us. This happened because we, back in the days, were too clouded with fears, judgments and ignorance to listen to other people's stories.

It is very different in 2030: now, people thrive in diversity, and everyone gets the same chance, wherever, whoever they are, not bounded and not judged by their race, gender, location, social background or disabilities. In 2030, all companies are all over the inclusive workplace model; it’s one of the most well-established norms in corporation practice. It is funny, it is still a vivid memory in my mind, this one time when I was an exchange student in Helsinki, Finland and the university had a career day event. I asked one of the well-known companies if I could have an internship there, so the recruitment manager checked my CV and said that I was eligible for the internship. However, when he found out that I could not speak Finnish, he said that they could not hire me. But in 2030, there is nothing like this story anymore, because with the technological advancement of our time there is no such story as “just-because of the nationality or the language”.

In 2030, Inclusive workplace means that people are assessed by their qualification, qualification form and CV that are being sent to companies never included the gender and nationality anymore; this is done as a way to eliminate bias. One of the most amazing things about the inclusive workplace idea is that there is no institutionalized sexism and racism; everyone is fit for the job as long as they are qualified for it; so John is not always a manager name anymore, it could be Iman, Alexa, or whatever names really.

Fresh graduates’ mobility in between continents are rocketing nowadays either for internships or jobs as companies realized that talents can be found in every corner of the world. It is truly apparent that our society has managed to establish a remarkable system of global recruitment.

Offices and workplaces are all equipped with easy access for the disabled and even better, some have very simple policies to work over distance. Furthermore, the setting of workplace is not anymore like the old rigid-classroom arrangement, meaning that both introverts and extroverts can equally perform at their best by allowing them to freely choose their style of dynamics at the office. Paid parental leave is now not only a privilege owned exclusively by the highest developed countries, but a right for all parents and their newborns.

All of these would not have happened if not for the increasing dialogues about diversity, women's rights movements and youths voicing their ideas relentlessly. Besides, inclusive workplace is not only a matter of being politically correct or the question of morale, it is also about an investment which benefits the companies in the long run. Organizations that embraced the inclusivity simply come up with better solutions and more creative innovation; a diverse workplace enables creative minds to come together and think outside the box like never before.



Have you ever feel like it does not bother you being in a place thousands miles from the place you have been living your whole life? Sensing you are so far away from familiarity yet you feel home, you feel like you belong? That is what I feel towards winter. That is what I feel towards a place that offers changing seasons. Having lived in a tropical country my whole life, I dreaded winter, but who knows I turned out to feel more at home in this winter wonderland.

Winter offers genuine serenity, everything is just so peaceful. It offers me the quite and the peace that I have not ever been able to know but yet, longing. It offers the kind of romance that you seek with your soul and your surroundings. Everything is covered with white snow making dark days so bright. Despite its cold days, I guess, winter actually incite warmth inside people -- it makes you want to connect with loved ones and drinks hot chocolate and glogg under a warm blanket. Sunrise and sunset during my winter are just so magical; It was anything but usual. Winter does not have to be this loud and festive kind of summer to create happiness. It can be the sounds of snow under my boots as I take my paces and the joy of going sliding on some hills or simply the delight of knowing that summer-joy is not the only kind of happiness that exists. Changing season and winter teach that yourself changes, people changes and there are always seasons of things. You just have to find things to be happy about in each season.



To me, I haven't truly explore big cities, if I haven't step my feet inside the art museums. I really do not know what it is but something about art museum and the collectives of those installed collections really makes me happy. It is just intriguing to see the intricacies of the work and the passion being thrown into making it. It is like walking into another world really, every piece inciting different thoughts and feelings and I feel constantly awed both in a good way and a weird way. So, here is a little bit of "digital walk-through" of some pieces from Helsinki Art Museum and Stockholm Art Museum. Enjoy! Until next time!



Okay, I am just going to be horribly honest here: first, the title to this is really bad (but I just want to get this thought out), second, it sucks to live in the third world country.

So, following my return, I cannot help noticing things the way I never did before neither ignoring the feelings that follows. I know it is really bad to be whiny and some of you might think that it only exacerbates things, but to be truthfully honest: I FELT SO GOOD THAT I WHINED ABOUT THESE THINGS. Because, I feel like I can let out the anger, sadness and disappointments faster instead of bottling it. I don't want to force positivism, happiness and optimism should come sincerely (I mean otherwise what's the meaning of it, right?!). The next thing after the storm of whining is the peace of mind that now I can move on to find solutions to those things!

So, here are the things that I think are such necessities in life; that I have been so lucky to experienced but not all people are privileged with. First, clean air: ever felt how deliberating it is when you go somewhere far away from crowded big city? Then you get to taste a lot of cleaner air without having to worry that you might poison your lungs? It feels good and it makes up for those tiny things that makes you happy.

Second, clean water: It is such a significant difference having to get used to buying bottled water/filtered water all my life then slowly getting used to drinking tap water that tastes so clean and fresh, and.... switch back again to not drink tap water. Third, separating waste and recycling!: Imagine how happy I was when I finally be able to separate my waste during my exchange semester. It is so easy because Scandinavian countries already have a very neat system for it. So, it goes like this: Plastic, organic, carton, paper, cans, glasses and mix waste. I remember I did that wholeheartedly, because it as if I was not such a horrible human for this earth, that I actually did something, even though it was such a tiny, insignificant act but it was better than nothing, I felt a bit better. The first day I came back to Jakarta, I cringed so much for coming back to the careless me (just throwing it all together).

Fourth, access to healthier diets; I really do not know how to explain this but let me give you example: 1 L of rapeseed oil = 30k IDR or around 2euros, there is no rapeseed oil in Indonesia, only palm oil would actually cost that cheap! Fifth, comfort of safety: I am so lucky to have my semester in one of the safest country in the world. In fact, I don't remember feeling scared ever when I went out alone in Helsinki, even past midnight! I do not ever remember being cat-called or seen someone being cat-called regardless the clothes. This obviously in contrast to what happen in Indonesia, cat-calling is very common and I hate it with all my being because it is so derogatory and demeaning and no women should ever be treated like that! Sixth, fast & free internet: Did you know that Finland actually put forward the idea that reliable and free internet is part of human's rights? I wish every government in every country could be this sober and thoughtful!

Wishing all of these things to happen in developing countries is a little bit far-fetched right now, but hey I don't know, it is still possible to fix the wrongs!

Until next time!



Months really went by fast! Especially if you are enjoying something! My semester in Helsinki is over now, so I think it's best to give tips on the 10 things must do or see in Helsinki!

1. Sauna

Finns love sauna. Literally, every apartment buildings equipped with sauna facility! So, if you ever go to Finland, don't forget to hit some sauna places! Oh, it is especially unique experience if you come in the winter and swim in really cold lake and then have some sauna or the other way around. (image does not belong to me)

2. Central Railway Station / Rautatientori

What kind of person who would travel to a city without seeing the very centre of it? So, go here first after you arrived and experience the very busy and highly diverse-looking part of Helsinki! You can also get yourself travel card to go around the rest of Helsinki with public transportation of your choice (Train, Bus & Tram). Veeery convenient!

3. Cafe Regatta

Do you know that Finland is ranked the 1st in the world for coffee consumption with total 12 Kg/Capita? So, to enjoy a cup or two in one of the coffee shops would only be right! I can safely say that Cafe Regatta is among the best coffee shop! Especially in bright summer day, with smell of cinnamon and baked goods... Other cafes that I can recommend is Johan & Nyström, and Fazer cafe.

4. Aleksanterinkatu

I love Aleksanterinkatu... because it is such a pretty street and giving me this real-europe vibe! If you crave fancy-schmanchy shopping spree, this is the place! All famous brands are along the street of Aleksanterinkatu

5. Market Square & Helsinki Cathedral

Still located around the center, market square & Helsinki cathedral are mustvisit placesfor people who wants to truly experience Helsinki, because you haven't truly visited a place until you have picture in front of the famous landmark building, right? :)

6. Hakaniemi market

this is the place you can buy some local fish, reindeer meat as well as finns traditional dishes! Also on different floor you can find some fabrics with famous finnish design

7. Esplanade park

There are not really any nice parks in Jakarta, so I am way too excited when I see how beautiful Esplanade park is!

8. Kallio

If you consider yourself party-goers or like going to the bar or whatever (which I dont) Kallio district is the place... it is especially so vibrant in the weekend

9. ART Museums

I loveeee going to contemporary art museums just for the sake of seeing the unthinkable concept called art! Being an European city known for its design; then spending 4 hours in ART museums is very justifiable!

10. Design District!

Known as Hipster district (although, you do know you won't be hipster if you visit this district right?). I consider this Instagram-worthy visit! Also, there are about hundrends of shops that are just simply not anywhere else in the world!

Of course there are tons of other things/places to see (such as: somenlinna - UNESCO's world heritage), but I only focus on things at the very center of the city for now!

Until next time!

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
Judith Thurman



in the amidst of overly deafening society, some people really go all out in doing it. They feel that it is part of their right to be personally involved in people's personal choices.

You see, happy people will not have time to do these such of things. They are content with their life. The people who tend to do these things are either highly insecure with their life and themselves and/or they are simply ignorance individual - who lacks conscience of how to be progressive, open-minded and accepting human being.

I have come across individuals like this; I think the best you can do is to just forgive and to avoid social contact with them. People with negative energy and bad vibe is not worth it to be kept around.

What are your thoughts on this?