Bye Nassau! Bye Bahamas. Today is no interesting day to wright about. It's airway right back home! Thanks for reading :)

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What's up? Or as they call it here: What da wybe is ? The pidgen English is quite strange. You can't understand just if you speak English. But it's fun! We always carry around a dictionairy. Bahamas is lovely. It is not only luxury boutiques, expensive hotels and rich people, tired of the city life. No. Bahamas is a place for almost everything (except bad weather). A day can look like anything. You can lie on the beach in the sun for hours, you can travel on the clear, blue Atlantic ocean, you can explore the wonderful capital city, or swim with pigs, or look around in the exotic forests of theese islands.

Sweden is really different from the Bahamas. The biggest cause is the climate and the ocean; I mean, think geographically for instance: Sweden is big, composite country, only with one coast to the Baltic sea. You might say Stockholm is full of water, and that's correct, compared to capital cities of other European countries, but not compared to Nassau, and Bahamas in general. Bahamas is a group of ca 700 small and larger islands, all of them surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, providing them with lots and lots of fish and other kinds of seafood.

And the weather! Think about it. Sweden is high up in the North, 4104 miles from the Equator. We are used to bad weather. The Bahamas lies almost right on the equator! Sun almost every dau (it can get quite damp, though). A disadvantage is the fact that they don't have many different seasons, like we do. No snow, and no beautiful fall colours. But come on! This state is cited as a true paradise! With countless white sand-beaches, palms, and a huge flora. The Bahamas has many beautiful tropical plants and flowers. Out of all the species of plants in the Bahamas 120 of them aren't found anywhere else in the world. The Bahamas has the worlds third largest barrier reef! (Sadly, we did not have time to go diving....)

This is the home of Beyoncés parents, the MMA-fighter Kimbo Slice, and Calvin Lockhart. Famous authors and other people has said: "paradise." And it is. 

I've enjoyed my stay here. Tomorrow, home we go.

PS. Today we actually swimmed with pigs on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay!!!!!!



Hi! Today we wanted to hiking on a mountain, but later we understood there are no mountains in Bahamas! The highest top is located on Cat Island, and is 206 meter above the sea. Neither are there any rivers, only creeks! Fascinating how different theese islands are compared to Sweden. I guess it is all because of the water and weather. Anyway, we didn't go hiking. Instead we wen't to Harbour island and visited the Pink sands beach. The sand was pink! Why? Because of some small, small animals with red shells. Wow. Like. wow.

Then we took a boat back to Nassau, and wen't for shopping. The currency is called BSD = Bahamian dollars. One hundred SEK, is about 11 BSD.

We shopped for the rest of the day, ate at one of the best rated restaurants in Bahamas (Bahamian Cookin restaurant bar), and then we just went  strousing around near the docs. Looking at huge luxury-boats.

Then we went home to our hotel. 



Hi again! Today we decided to go to the beach in Nassau, and bath in the turquiose water of the Atlantic ocean.

The beach was called Cable beach. A thing kind of famous for the Bahamas, is swimming with pigs. The pigs actually lived on the beach! We didn't swim with them, but we saw other people doing it, and it looked like fun. We just lied on the beach.

Then we all decided to go in to town and visit a museum of history, on Shirley st.

300 to 400 AD, people who came from Cuba lived on Bahamas and relied on the ocean for food! In 1492, Christopher Columbus came to San Salvador. When he arrived, there were about 40,000 Lucayans - natives - . Columbus made them slaves.... Later on, a group of English Protestants arrived, and found food shortages. William Sayles (one of them) sailed to American colonies for help, and recieved supplies. The natives in the Bahamas were glad, and send him their braselito wood (that helped build the Harvard university).

During the late 1600s to early 1700s, many privateers and pirates came here. The Bahamas is great hiding spot for treasures. Nassau was overrun by lawless, seafaring men.

Years later, an English king came and wiped them out! And he also made Bahamas a British colony.

On July 10, 1973, The Bahamas became a free and sovereign country (free from Britain) The Bahamas is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and celebrate July 10th as Bahamian Independence Day!

That's all for today.

Then we wen't home to sleep.




Today me and my family landed at the airport Marsh Harbour airport, one of the biggest in the Bahamas, and located on the Marsh Harbour island.

Then we traveled to Nassau, aka Paradise island, where we were going to stay.

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas.

There were two things I noticed while heading towards the island in a big boat.

The first thing was that is was marvelous weather, compared to Sweden!

Bahamas lies quite near the equator, so the climate is warm. I loved it!

The second thing I noticed was the language. Bahamas is in the Caribbean, but they speak pidgen English. It's kind of hard to understand, because it's very different from both American and Brittish English. Sometimes I understood some things that's sounded like English, though.

Anyway, we finally got to the Nassau island. Here lives 227, 940 people, and it's the largest city in the Bahamas, but it is still quite small.

Nassau is very nice. You can walk on big, powdery beaches and swim in the clear blue water. There are many luxury botiques here, but also cute little markets, if you don't want to spend too much money.                                                         It's covered in colourful little houses, palms and bays with bridges and boats. 

There are many nice restaurants in the Bahamas, and after we checked in to the hotel (Towne hotel), we went for dinner. The Bahamian food is very dependent on the ocean (since it's sorrounded by the Atlantic ocean). The Bahamian Cuisine includes seafood such as fish, shellfish, lobster, crab, conch, and tropical fruits, rice, peas, pigeon peas and potatoes.. We ate a place called Sapodilla. I liked it a lot. I kind of wish we could have the same thing in Sweden, but some of the Baltic seas fishes contains the environmental toxins dioxin and PCB. And the tropical fruit can't be grown in Sweden, because of the climate. But still, the Bahamas is sorrounded by huge waters, and exportation of food from other cultures is not as big as in Sweden. Even though they have restaurants with Indian, American, Italian food, the variated range is not as big as back home....

After dinner we were tired and went home to sleep. Great first day!

Behind the boats is a giant Casino hotel on Paradise island. Pray to Dame Fortune! 



Hi! My name is Anna, and I'm a thirteen year old girl from Sweden. I like painting, reading, listening to music, and I adore traveling, In July, I travaled to the Bahamas, which is a couple of islands (about 700) in Caribbean. Bahamas in proned between the peak of Florida and Cuba.

It's a lovely place, where you travel with an aeroplane, there for the name airway to heaven.