I decided to move the blog... again. But this time I also changed the name. The content is the same so you should check it out HERE.

Thank you for the love and support!

- Ellie xoxo

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I'm back from New York City and feeling greater than ever. Isn't that how you should feel after spending a week in such an amazing city? I think so.

I loved New York. It was way better than I expected. A true adventure. I can't wait to go back and explore more of the city.

I took some photos and made a little film while I was there. You can watch the #ellietravels video here:

It was a school trip so we obviously spent a lot of time seeing things that are relevant for our studies (Engslish and Social Science) but we also got to see many of the classic touristy things.

We stayed at the YMCA hostel on the Upper West Side. The hostel is located 2 minutes from Central Park and 5 minutes from Columbus Circle. The rooms weren't amazing and if you don't like to share bathrooms or restrooms with others it isn't the place for you. But if you are okay with sharing everything besides bed, desk and closet with the entire hostel, it's a great cheaper alternative to an expensive hotel room. The location is great and they have 3 floors with sport equipment and gyms only.

We had breakfast at Starbucks most mornings - a cheap and great choice if you just want to grab a cup of coffee and oatmeal or croissants on the go.

We had to go for a walk on Brooklyn Bridge - and it was such a great experience! The view was so beautiful. I really felt like I was a part of the city in while walking over it.

Since we were living so close to Central Park we had some great walks there. It was such a nice place to take a break from the big city life.

And we had to see Times Square by night...

I went to see the city from above. The view from Empire State Building was definitely worth the 2 hours of waiting. New York is so beautiful and big and I didn't truly understand that I was there before seeing it from Empire State Building.

The best experience I got in New York was a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. It was the NIT finals and Texas Christian University played against Georgia Tech. I'd never seen a basketball game live before and I'd never experienced a college cheerleading team so that was an experience for itself.

The energy was unforgetable. I fell in love with it. Hopefully, I can get the experience as a college student in a couple of years.

I sadly lost the pictures I took of the Statue of Liberty but here are some pictures I thaught captured the NYC spirit well.

I fell in love with New York. Baby, I'm coming back for you!

What's your favourite city?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

- Ellie S



Yesterday I went to the cinema with my family and my brother's girlfriend to watch Lion. I had seen the trailer multiple times and knew it would be a very touching movie.

It was. I started crying 10 minutes into the film and didn't stop until we were back home 30 minutes after. I cry easily so it wasn't that big of a deal though.

The big deal was the film itself. Such a touching story with so strong characters played by so talented actors. Everything about the film was absolutely amazing.

Within the first 30 minutes of the film we get the story of how Saroo got lost. How he wanted to help his brother but ended up 1600 km away after two days in a train. The little boy played the role so well I can't even believe it.

The story itself is very simple and could easily be explained in one sentence. The amazing part is the aesthetics used to show the many emotions because the beauty of the story is in the way it is told and performed.

All the characters are so realistic it almost hurts when they are hurt. I didn't doubt the way they felt one single time. That is something I look a lot into when I review a film or a book. Realistic characters are so difficult to create today but this film had multiple extremely realistic characters.

Which is probably because it is authentic.

Overall it is a heartwarming film that left me with a lust to change the world.




I forgot to show you the pictures from Galla (prom-ish) last Friday. I was a lovely evening with some of my best friends from my school and we had a great time.

It's weird to think that it was my last school party in 2.g (2nd year of Danish high school which is 3 years). Next year is my last year at the school.

I'll save the sentimental talk till next year, haha. But time really flies when you're busy.

Ps. Don't mind my epic fake tan fail, haha.

TIP: Don't ever think your arms don't need fake tanning if you put in on your legs ;)

My dress was from GUESS and I bought it last summer.

Do you have Galla or prom anytime soon?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

- Ellie S

Credit to Frieda who took the pictures of me. I'm really awkward in those situations but she made it fun.



So, I honestly hadn't watched any series since season 3 of SKAM ended in December.
No. Series. For. 3 months. Crazy right?

I've experienced being completely obsessed to the point where I don't think of anything else when watching a series. I probably needed to get my life back on track after my SKAM-obsession in November and December. But last week the urge to binge-watch a show came back.

I don't like Teen Wolf after season 4, I couldn't watch Pretty Little Liars (I don't like illegal streaming...) and I didn't want to watch SKAM for the 3rd time... so I went to Netflix and the first show that came up said 'New episodes every week'. Yes please!

I took the chance and watched the pilot. Before I had noticed I had watched the first five episodes of the show. There are seven episodes so far.

It is absolutely amazing! If you like American high school dramas you will love this one. It has a really dark undertone which I'm a huge fan of. The cast is great to portray some pretty unique characters.

'Riverdale' is the name and the serie is actually made after the http://archiecomics.com/ Archie Comics (which I've started reading in the Archie Comics app ).

It's just a great show and you should really consider giving it a chance - if you are willing to risk your social life ;)

What's your favourite TV show?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

- Ellie S



In my 17 years long life I’ve had many life lessons already. One of them is that goals are unavoidable. I’ve tried to avoid everything that has anything with goals to do for periods but it’s impossible. If you try someone will ask you why you never do anything productive and then they’ll tell you how important it is to have goals.

So if you consider avoiding goals… Don’t bother, I tell you now that as long as you have a social life you can’t avoid goals.

But I’d be an idiot if I told you this without telling you how to set achievable goals easy. I’ve been using this method for almost a year now and I’ve liked it so far. It’s simple but helps you define your goals. If you stick to your plan you might as well achieve your goal. ;)

It’s a 4 steps method I learned on a self-development camp last year. It goes with the letters SPOT in Danish but not in English. So it goes with the letters SPHT. It’s not a word… but It’s okay.

S is for Specific. The first step is to define your goal as specific as possible. If your goal is to become a doctor in ten years, define your goal after what you can do now to get there in ten years. For example, to do an internship with a doctor or watch documentaries about medicine development. Be as specific as possible!

P is for Plan. Make a plan for what to do to reach your goal and when to do it. A wise man once said that “A goal without a plan is just a dream”. I believe that’s true. To help you stick to your plan it’s a good idea to make a physical plan you can look at often or make your phone remind you of it.

H is for Hindrance. If it is never a problem for you to achieve your goal, it isn’t a goal but a habit. Everyone has something that hinders the process of achieving one’s goal. So have you. Find it, write it down and prevent it from appearing. The fact that you know the hindrance will automatically help you avoiding it.

T is for Time. Set a deadline for your goal or set aside 5 hours every week to do something that will bring you closer to your goal so you constantly feel progress. Progress is one of the biggest motivations. No matter what, a deadline is always a good idea. It pushes you to fight harder to achieve your goal.

I hope you liked this goal setting post. Feel free to ask questions in a comment if you have any.

Have you ever achieved a goal?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

- Ellie S