Basically my life has been consumed my thesis writing and I get my coffee fix anyway possible. I love studying in ambient noise. Much better than studying in the silent section of the third floor of the library, where coughing and unzipping your pencil case is met with looks of disgust.

I received an email from my supervisors about having my chapter three ready in seven days. I freaked out because I'm still working on chapter two. Someone send me help.

As much as I'd love to study every morning in a Cafe, I realise my lush appetite for the finer things in life has no relationship to my bank account. Sadly, I must venture into the study sections on campus. As I have established, the silent section is a no go zone for me which leaves the noisy spaces my only option. Yet, these areas stress me out too, with their loud apple and chip munching students so carelessly in their own world's.

As a solution to the combined first world problems I have outlined, I listen to rain and thunderstorm sounds. Last week I plugged in to hear the soothing sounds of a tropical storm, when I realised it was too quiet so I turned it up. Rudely, this girl tapped me on my shoulder to inform me my headphones were not in properly and the entire room could hear my storm sounds. She could not control her laughter. As an obstinate human, not wanting to spend the next thirty minutes finding a new computer in another study room, I sat there while the entire room laughed with her. I pretended as though this had no effect on me and continued writing chapter two. Believe it or not this same thing would happen to me a few days later.