I want this year to be different. I want to have plans. I want to execute them. And this is just the first step. Below is a compilation of things I wish to do this year.

I don't have a "best friend". (I never keep one to avoid the best friend rivalries.) The by default and most loved best friend is Rytzl and we rarely meet so I don't know really whom I'll be talking for hours. It could be an old friend. It could be a new one. Who knows?

Yea well Ruhi realised that I had never eaten a shawarma in my entire life. I did have chances where I could but I never had one in the end. I've always been very picky and I'm not a big risk taker when it comes to food or anything for that matter. I guess is high time in try new things out and get out of my comfort zone.

Ten years is such a long time. 2027. I'd be 27 that year. I really want to know what profession I'd choose. Will I have a hoosbend and keeds? Lol.

This one doesn't need any explanation :)

Sunsets never fail to enchant me. I've watched so many sunsets but the magic never fades. The orange and purple hues in the sky. So pretty.

So this one is out of guilt. I missed Harshi's 18th even though she very specifically mentioned about wanting a surprise party😂

So this CMCA member hasn't burst a single cracker since the past years. A little sparkler wouldn't hurt, would it?

Fun fact: When I was ten I collected a ton of shells in two tiny buckets and I brought them home only to find out that they still had living creatures in them... R.I.P tiny creatures.

This one is going to be a pain. I've been having motion sickness since I was very young and I've avoided cars and taxi's as much as I could. If you still don't know how bad it is then let me tell you how I couldn't figure open the car door two weeks back and I kept making excuses and pretending to have my hands engaged in holding stuff while I had my friend open the door as she gave me weird looks. I carry my meds everywhere I go. Aaaaaannnddd I'm scared of big vehicles.

I will do this one. I promise. It just wasn't the right time ;)

Want to buy a good sturdy bottle which will keep my letter airtight.

I'll make plans to go to Gaya with Dida it to some hill station with friends.

I saw a couple of these floating around last Diwali. I'm sure I could find one this year.

I still need to figure this one out. I'm not sure where I'll find those flying balloons.

I've been wanting to do the splits since so long. It hurts so bad.

Need to figure this one out as well. What if the place that I sent it to never existed.

Oh God please.

I'll put them on multiple windshields just in case someone thinks I'm a creep.

Does pizza count?

Don't even get me started ..

I am!! Not a journal but a diary/planner. And it's so cute.

uh.... it sucks. Very sucks. Not nice. Need improve very much.

I used to keep one. I'll make another!

I don't even know which college I'm getting into but my ain for 12th boards is 90%.

I completed this one in 2015. 2016 was a dull year and I did read many books. I can do it again if I did it once.

OMG I love walking (until and unless I'm tired and sleepy). Just a small trip to Sanjam Gandhi National Park will do for now xD

It's a task and I already have a teenie tiny box with small objects that I treasure or have a memory attached to them. ButI don't have a box filled with pictures.

Will do this either in Mumbai all by myself or in Goa with mum. But I'm curious as to which book I'll be reading.

Ice cream=true love.

Now that I think about it I've never really gone out with someone for the sole purpose of having ice cream. (Except for my ex and it has been two years already and it's time to try new flavours and be more adventurous.)

Oh don't even get me started. My wardrobe is a mess. My outfits are so mismatched and I always end up picking out the same pieces because I feel comfortable and confident. Not getting convinced by mpm into buying clothes that I know I'll never wear.

I've been wanting to get a small tattoo which says "Miles to go" with a small paper plane only because it is adorable but it holds no meaning in my life. I'm turning eighteen this year and mum said she'd let me get a tiny one only if it means something to me.

Surprisingly I have never really watched a Disney movie from beginning to end. Time for some movie marathon!

This will be a documentation of my entire year.

Things to remember while achieving these..

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