The FinancialCrime & Compliance Investigations (FCCI) Unit comprises of severalteams that conduct complex & serious investigations across all types offraud and financial crime risk. The role holder is principally responsible forinvestigations into the most serious financial crime. Role holders must be ableto conduct competent investigations into all types of Financial Crime, workingalone/as part of a team, sharing knowledge and experience as appropriate. Therole holder is required to assist the Senior Investigations Manager, FCCI indesigning and deploying, policies, procedures and strategies that will minimiserisk of Financial Crime within or against HSBC.

Duties & Responsibilities

·        Assisting a team of investigators who undertakedetailed financial crime investigations

·        Day-to-day, ensuring compliance with procedures,Global Standards and local legislative/regulatory requirements are met acrossall financial crime risks, i.e. Sanction, Anti Money Laundering (AML) AntiBribery & Corruption (AB&C), Fraud and GIIG (Global InternalInvestigations Group).

·        Assist the Senior Investigations Manager FCCI inidentifying best practices/ procedures providing guidance and solutions to theBusiness and / or involved areas, in timely and effective manner for each ofthe identified cases focusing on control weaknesses, responsible and decision

·        Assisting the FCCI Investigations Manager and RegionalHead FCCI, providing expertise to the implementation of globally led changeinitiatives within regions across all Financial Crime and Risks

·        Building collaborative and excellent workingrelationships with internal/external stakeholders

·        Identifying cases which meet the criteria forescalation to the Regional Investigation Oversight (RIO) Committee

·        Providing clear lines of investigation for each caseand streamlining processing to minimize duplication of effort

·        Directing and implementing investigations to ensurethey are efficiently and effectively managed within the agreed timeline whilstremaining mindful that investigations can be diverse and complex, adapting anapproach to the requirements of each investigation

·        The proactive identification, mitigation and timelyrecovery and reporting of  financiallosses

·        Supervision of FCCI related tasks formed and closed byteam members within the Case Management System

·        Provide guidance and identify ongoing improvements ofpractical guidance to business lines in respect of queries which relate to aninvestigation

·        Providing clear direction and support to team members,acting as a “go-to” person, escalating any immediate issues/concerns to SeniorManagement/HR if necessary.

·        Maximise loss recovery and minimise risk exposure bytaking prompt action where required.

·        Provide oversight of intelligence / case files beingshared with Law Enforcement / government agencies

·        Assist in complex Global investigations as well asGIIG lead investigations as requested.

·        Ensure that the Bank’s interests are externallyrepresented in order to build and reinforce professional and positiverelationships with external customers/stakeholders. Maintain closerelationships with Law Enforcement and other government agencies involved inthe management of cases.

Knowledge & Experience

·        Investigative skills from law enforcement, regulatory,forensic accountancy or legal disputes. Seasoned professional with directinvolvement, particularly within FCC environment

·        Ability to undertake intrinsic investigations/analysisof customer activity and Case Management experience

·        Good working knowledge of Sanctions, Financial Crimeand AB&C legislation  in the regionand, associated regulation & guidance

·        Ability to manage and lead change, contributing tojoining up with the other teams in Risk and Business globally

·        Ability to recognize suspicious financial activitiesand escalate to meet internal/external regulatory requirements

·        Lateral thinker with an ability to exercise strongjudgement, interpret and solve complex issues, working independently forextensive periods of time with minimal supervision

·        Excellent attention to detail required along with ahigh level of analytical competency

·        An inquisitive approach to practices, procedures andspecific transactions. Personal authority and integrity. Independence,creativity, resourcefulness and resilience

·        Excellent communicator with strong inter-personal andinfluencing skills, who will be able to adapt their approach for differentaudiences

·        Proficient user of Microsoft Office

High Risk Role

Within HSBC certain roles aredesignated as High Risk. High Risk Roles are those where employee malpracticecould lead to significant financial and/or reputational damage through internalfraud, data loss, bribery or the leaking of confidential information. For theseroles, all internal and external applicants are required to undergo a range ofenhanced security/background checks as part of the pre-employment vettingprocess. In the event that you are short-listed for this role, further detailsare available from the HSBC Recruitment team on our enhancedsecurity/background checking processes.

Business Area

HSBC’s Global Functions (GF) play avital role in supporting the bank’s Global Businesses and offer a broad rangeof career opportunities in areas from legal, risk and finance to humanresources, sustainability, marketing and communications. Our operational andfunctional teams around the world help HSBC’s Global Businesses to operateefficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis. They also focus on controlsand governance to reduce risk and protect the Group’s reputation. For moreinformation visit;

About HSBC

HSBC is one of the world’s leadingbanks, with a network covering 71 countries and territories. Our global reachmeans we offer many ways for you to develop your career. We offer an inclusive,values-led culture, tailored learning and development programmes andcompetitive benefits. We have roles in retail, commercial, investment andprivate banking and a range of operational and functional teams.


We put diversity at the heart ofour business and we take our responsibility to develop our talent seriously.Joining HSBC will give you the chance to work in a collegiate, supportive andinclusive environment in which we seek to develop and promote people based onmerit. We will provide you with tailored training and support to help youidentify and follow your chosen career path, as well as access to a range ofmarket-competitive benefits.

What to expect at HSBC

·        The chance to realise your ambitions

·        Globally connected careers

·        A strong emphasis on values

·        Learning and development opportunities

·        An inclusive, meritocratic culture

·        Market-competitive benefits

Global Careers Opportunities

Visit our Global Careers site whereyou can explore our business, meet our people and find useful application hintsand tips

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