Me and Alex started finally going to london. We walked to arlanda because the bus broke done close to arlanda. When we were at arlanda we first went and exchanged our money to £ then we met John and Selina We both were going to london. We noticed that we are going on the same plane. When we went to check in they told us that they had overbooked the flight so they had to upgrade us to first class. We landed in london heatrow 10:00am and we bought an rare irish whiskey. And then we took the bus to the hostel. And when we were at the hostel we just unpacked our bags. And then around 1:00 pm we met Ludwig and Christoffer at the hostel he was going to sleep at our hostel too. Did i mention that John and Selina was also going to sleep at the same hostel too? Around 06:00 pm we went to tesco to buy some food. We bought some cheap noodles and some sausage and alot of milk so we could survive the week. The noodles cost 20p for 500grams and the milk was 1.35£ for 3.5L. Then after unfortunately I forgot the price of the sausage but we bought 4 of them. Then we just went back to our hostel and was just staying there because we were really tired. And that was the first day in london for us.