As I told on my previous post me & my friend traveled to Tallinn last Saturday. We had super much fun eventhough I was still a little bit sick during the trip. We strolled through the city, took some pics, ate and drank a loot of cocktails.

I also got an appointment to the hairdresser, since I haven't done anything to my hair for the past two years (??!!!) Haha so it was really a time for me to get them in a better shape & also it was so much cheaper to do it in Tallinn. I think I saved at least a hundred euros or so, because I took some blond highlights to make my hair a little bit lighter !

Tallinn was just amazing. I especially loved the old town with all of it's pretty little houses & streets ahh. The best place to take some nice pictures. Although we didn't get to take so many good ones because the weather was very gloomy. Anyways we had a nice girls trip with my bestie <3

Wishing a nice week for you all !