I’ve been tagged at least three times to those instagram stories about ’ 5 random facts about me ’ challenges. And I always forgot to do one about me so one day I thought - why not just do a whole post about it on my blog. And you know what guys ? Here we go !

Here is some very random facts about me that you might know if you’re my really good friend but to those who don’t know me that well then be prepared to be SHOCKED ! Haha not really I’m just kidding - prepare to be surprised at least.

* This time I will only write in English, sorry guys *


My hobbie before blogging was dancing. I never competed but I danced almost 10 years in Step Up school just for fun. I’ve tried dance hall, ballet, hip hop, show & lyrical jazz. Somehow people always seemed to be surprised about me dancing. Maybe I don't seem like a dancing-type of a girl ? Hmm...

When I was two years old I cut two of my fingers in half. Somehow I thought that it was a good idea to put my hand on a bowl and then use the handblender on it. Yup that actually happened...but luckily the doctors sew my fingers back and now they work just normally. I don't really remember anything about this, I've only heard this story from my mom and seen a dream about it couple times.

I have this microstrabism thing on my left eye which means that I can barely see with it - only 20% anymore. It’s kinda like a lazy eye, but it looks like a normal eye on the outside. And I have to deal with it throughout my whole life because lazer surgery won’t help it at all. Usually this type of problems get noticed when you're little, but somehow nobody noticed that before sixth grade. After that I ran from one doctor to another while they were trying to figure out what the problem was.

Another thing to add to my eye problem. I was having an eye test at school when the nurse noticed that I had problems to see even the big letters on the wall so she told me to go see an optician. Well then of course I went and the optician guy just made a couple tests and prescribed glasses for me. So at one point I actually had glasses before they realized what the whole problem was and told that the glasses won't help me at all.

I have a skin condition called Vitiligo. It started when I was a kid and I had really bad rashes and then I just scratched and scratched and that’s when these white patches started to appear on my skin. Vitiligo is genetic and means that some of the areas on your skin start to lose their pigment and appear whiter than the rest of your skin. My father had the same problem when he was my age too, but luckily he doesn't have it anymore. These white areas have luckily become smaller every year since they first appeared so I'm quite sure that someday they may disappear all together.

I’m very temperamentic. I get frustraded very easily and sometimes I even break things accidentally while I’m mad. This happens mostly when I'm super hungry. But if I keep myself fuelled all the time I'll be in a good mood haha.

Sometimes when I’m very lazy to cook any proper food I just boil pasta and just eat it with ketchup. I’ve done that since I was a little kid when my babysitter taught that to me. Everytime I tell that to others, people seem to be surprised about it haha.

I love when my room and house is clean, but I can be very lazy sometimes thus my wardrobe looks like a bomb has exploded inside of it. Like at this very moment half of my clothes are in a HUUGE pile because I'm just too damn lazy ugh.

I'm incredibly good at losing things. I've lost 2 pairs of shoes and once I forgot my wallet on the train. I've lost my keys in my wardrobe for couple of months once and also dropped one of my favourite lipsticks at the club. That one was truly a bad thing.

Also when I was little I had a ballet lesson so after that my brother was supposed to come pick me up - well he didn't. As I had left my phone at home I could't call him and therefore I realized that hey I know the way home so why not walk. The distance was really long and it would've taken over an hour to walk with my small feet. As I was walking home and crying I got a craaazy idea to hitchhike. Luckily again heh a really nice middle-aged couple stopped, picked me up and called my mom ( I remembered her phone number thank god ) so happy ending again haha.

Okay so here was 10 random facts about me. I hope you liked and I would actually like to challenge couple other bloggers to do the same thing ! You can determine how many facts you want to tell, but for me these 10 were the biggest facts that I could tell <3

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en kestä tota et koitit liftata kotiin, hahaha! ihana Aada! 😃 <3 ja kiitti haasteesta! puss
IHANIN tää postaus!!❤️ love you
I studied dance too for 5 years! They say it teaches coordination. Guess it's not that true: I fell from a chair while sitting on it (and I can't walk properly due to bad coordination) 👌 hahaha!
Haha toi vika juttu olikin tosi yllättävä 😃 Onneks menikin ihan hyvin ja pääsit kotiin!
You are so pretty, love your blog 😉 <3