These last two weeks have been quite challenging. I catched an eye infection & it still hasn't ended fully. We had a lovely weekend couple weeks ago celebrating mine & my boyfriends birthdays at my cottage & we had a hot tub so I think I got this infection from there. I've gone to the doctor three times & tomorrow I'm going there a g a i n. Ughhh... this infection looks like it's gone, but not fully gone gone. So now I gotta go get new antibiotics that will make this go away (hopefully) alltogether.

I don't mind being all natural - I've been actually liking this time without my whole glam on, but I do feel l.ike lashes are somehow a part of me. Especially since this infection has gone such a long time I'm just waiting for that day I can finally put my make-up on anyway I want. Plus I've already bought antibiotics with 70€....hopefully this will be over soooon & I can feel like my self again.

But here are some pictures from couple weeks back when I wore my favourite belt bag with an oversized purple sweater & biker shorts. Super comfy and pretty outfit <3

Sweater / ZARA

Belt bag / LEVI JONES

Biker shorts / GINA TRICOT

Sunglasses / NA-KD

Heels / ZARA





Tosi makee asu! 😊
Jossus Travelpics,
I love that sweather, such a beautiful colour.