For the past month I’ve tried hard to change my everyday life into a more healthier lifestyle with both food and exercising. I’ve had a bad habit of snacking almost daily as well as eating a LOT of pasta and noodles this year. (And I really mean like pasta with only ketchup - yes I’m weird, but I love it!)

I’ve been eating super unhealthy and my stomach used to always feel so bloated. Then I just made up my mind that this time I will really do this, I will start eating better and exercising frequently. Here i am trying hard to do it, day by day, little by little.

I got to say that it’s been tough for me. I absolutely love love love food and especially sweets!! But I want to learn to eat more healthier and eat food that will make me feel good and not bloated all the time.I don't think I could ever be completely vegetarian, but I have wanted to reduce meat - especially red meat as well as also milk products and wheat.



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