Summer time

Last time I made this similar post where I listed 5 good things about my week it got a very nice response. Therefore I decided to do it again ! This time listing 5 good things about this summer. There is so much amazing things happening and I'm so excited all the time ahh summer is just my favourite time of the year <3

1. I'm finally getting to move in with my boyfriend ! We are both so freaking excited, because we've been waiting for this to happen for so long and also the apartment is super gorgeous ! ( btw we have our own sauna + a terrace !!!! )

2. We are maybe going to Stockholm with my girl Suvi ! I've been there a few times, but haven't really gotten much time to explore the whole city - therefore it would be amazing to get to see all the beautiful places there with my favourite girl.

3. My boyfriend is getting out of the army so I finally get to spend some quality time with him during the week and not only on the weekends <3

4. All the amazing summer picnics and endless sleepless nights that are waiting for to happen.

5. Hopefully getting to go to a vacation with my boyfriend. We have been to Italy, Denmark, Norway & Sweden. Last time we took a real vacation was to Italy, but then we traveled with my whole family since my sister had her wedding there. So this time I would love to travel only with him ! Maybe to Nice or Barcelona ?!

So there is my list for the upcoming summer. Hope you liked and remember to have an amazing day and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts !

Outfit details 

Dress / Mango

Bag / Missguided

Sunglasses / Zara

Jewelry / Gina Tricot

xo Aada



Sounds like an amazing summer!!