Why we add service or inventory item–

For any business person who is doing business, it is necessary to create an inventory part as you are purchasing or building a product and stock for future sale to your customer. Therefore I am going to explain you some easy and effective methods to add services and sales as discussed below.

An Inventory Item is anything that your company sells, resells or buy within the course of business, like the product, shipping charges and handling charges, discounts, and excise duty and much more.It shows up as a line on an invoice or we can say that other sales forms. Assembly items combine inventory part and sub assemblies into a single item and many another thing which we want to do.Get QuickBooks Enterprise Support: Dial 1855-441-4417

quickbooks service inventory items

To create your service items, do follow below steps which are as follows:

1.Open “Item List” window of your system.

2.Click the “Item” button in the lower left corner of the “Item List” window so to performed take on it.

3.Select the “New” command from the pop-up menu which will display.

4.Adding – In the “New Item” window, select “Service” from the “Type” drop-down and you will go for the further task.

The fields appear in the “New Item” window that is similar to the ones as shown when creating “Inventory Part” items as well.

A product you buy for the purpose of selling. If you have not enabled the inventory during the Easy Step Interview or if you have activated inventory on the Items & Inventory section in the Preferences then it will usually not available on that or we say that it will not be shown.
if you have any query then you may contact to Quickbooks online support team.

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Such Error code will be displayed when database connection verification fails or Quickbooks tried to access company files in the given database. Just because of this error we are unable to open the company records and files in the database.If you are on a network the most likely cause is a network problem where it will not find the computer or server that holds the file as well as the file data in the database.Contact our expert on given Quickbooks Technical support phone number +1 855 441 4417 to get immediate help and regarding the Queries that are been occurring while performing the task.

Quickbooks Error code 6129 0

Causes of the error:

  • The computer does support the latest release version of the Quickbooks.
  • Just because of the corrupted data files.
  • Mismatch of client and the server domain.
  • Installation of corrupted data files

How to fix this :

1.Log into Windows as an administrator

You need to log into Windows as an Administrator to update your company file and the data. If you do not have an Administrator login you can use to find support for Windows or you can contact to Professional for assistance or help.

2.You can perform this solution when you experience Easy-Step Interview

  • Click on the leave when you are Easy step interview.
  • After entering on the filename and click on the save button.

3.If you use Safe Mode on Windows, disable antivirus and other software

  • Follow the instruction and restart your computer.
  • Enable your antivirus software.
  • Just create a new company file.
  • Restart your own computer in the normal mode.
  • Open your QuickBooks and the company file name.

4.Rename the QuickBooks Network Descriptor (.nd )files

  • Open the company files.
  • Click on the close button when the scan s completed.
  • Just type.OLD at the end of the file name.
  • Select the scan folder tab.
  • Quickbooks file folder name extension .nd

5.Create another folder and move the QuickBooks company files.

  • Just create the another folder
  • Move the company file name to another folder
  • Select the scan option
  • Add another folder if there is no folder
  • Scan the given folder
  • Click ok when the scan is completed
  • Open the company file name created

6.Be sure that all computer system is working on one domain.

You should contact a Network Administrator or an IT expert to add your computer systems to the domain. Above all information is about to fix Quickbooks error code 6129 0. I hope this will resolve your problems if you are still getting the same error or any issues related to Quickbooks contact our Quickbooks Enterprise Support team, they will guide you step by step to fix the issues.

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