Several people have become highly addicted to horse races. You can find a lot of people going crazy when they talk about horse racing and they go all around the world for watching the horse races conducted at different parts. Horse racing betting is also a very popular activity and a lot of people derive immense pleasure in getting engaged in these types of activities. Beautifully captured horse photographs have always been in great demand and some of the addicts are ready to spend huge amount of money for purchasing the best photographs.

Dedicated photographers capture striking images of the horses

Horses have always been a source of inspiration for human beings for their grace and power. No other creature can inspire you like a healthy and attractive horse does. They are completely adorable and watching the way they run is a sheer joy. There are high quality photographs that show the emotion and personality of horses and you can find several talented professional photographers completely dedicated to taking unique pictures of these elegant creatures. Skilled photographers have the patience and receptiveness to capture unbelievably attractive images of the horses.

Lifestyle of the race horses

Race horses are athletes and they have to follow the directions and guidelines of different people including owners, trainers, jockeys and strappers. Like disciplined human beings, race horses also have a schedule and calendar created by the human regiment and the racing culture also demands a lot of things from them. Even when they rest at the farm, they are bounded by an equine social order. This order decides when to sleep, where to sleep, when to eat and how to spend the days. Passionate photographers follow these horses to capture various moments from their life.

Capturing the beauty and grandeur of horses

Some photographers have come up with amazing horse racing photographs that celebrate the beauty and grandeur of well-bred racing horses. Excellent photographs clearly document the poetry of the movements of the horses and they also highlight the natural rhythms of these wonderful creatures.

11 Horses offers a photograph collection of the 11 race horses who are returning to the farm after a busy season at the track. In the farm, these horses are recuperating from the stress, strain, illness and injury and this site offers unusual and striking photographers of these creatures. You can also find the attractive images of the colts and fillies that have not yet started participating in the race and there are images of the broodmares who are going to become tomorrow’s runners. These 11 horses photographs are all rare ones that cannot be seen anywhere. You can purchase these limited editions for a modest price and they are printed on high quality paper to look really attractive. When you order for these images, you will receive them wrapped in acid free paper personally signed by the photographer. Framing and gift wrapping are other prominent features of these photographs and you can hand over them as truly wonderful gifts for your dear and near ones.



If you are a fan of horseraces then photographs of Australian thoroughbreds must have enticed you. Horse racing in Australia is as old as the beginning of time. It is now turning into a fun sport and a full-blown event in the economic mainstream in Australia. What we are all get to see these days is a well-organized spectator sport that takes place every year and is now a timeless part of this nation. It is one of the most engrossing sport for youth as they attain the age for remembering a horse. In case, you wish to know about some interesting facts related to all those amazing photographs of racehorses, then you must check out following facts:

1. A recent research carried out by Coalition for Protection of Racehorses showed that 18, 000 horses are bred for horses. Australia is house to 31, 000 thoroughbreds that train and prepare horses to partake in one or the other race.

2. Instead of common belief, the Victoria’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals works to protect animals. It states that anyone who mistreats animals through overriding, tormenting, beating, or terrifying them will be considered as guilty for animal cruelty.

3. Australia is has over 479 racecourses across the continent which is much higher than any other on this planet.

4. The Melbourne Cup is one of the largest and most famous horserace globally that has highest racing odds that are being bet on. The state of Victoria has an official day off on first Tuesday of November every month whenever race is conducted. The prize money is very high and the event attracts large crowds wearing hats and several other trendy outfits.

5. In 1930, Phar Lap was a racehorse that claimed the title of being one of the greatest racehorse in Australia because of its highest number of race victories. You may think that it was a normal racehorse with a 3.2 kgs but surprisingly, Phar Lap’s heart used to weight 6.5 kgs.

6. Phar Lap earned itself a large space in the Melbourne Museum along with his memorabilia while his heart is on display at the National Museum in Canberra.

7. Do you know who is the youngest Jockey who won the Melbourne cup? He a boy aged 12 years 11 months and 23 days.

8. Hopeless and fools are often known as Drongos in Australia. There are very few people who know Drongo was a racehorse somewhere in 1920’s, it created hype and showcased a promise. But in reality it failed to bring home any win home even after 37 starts.

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