This is a blog for everyone who believes in a happy and a healthy world; who believes in a world where balance exists, where you have the chance to eat without getting anxious about it, and being able to eat food that gives you strength, energy and a healthy life.

On my blog I highlight the meaning of "sustainabillity" for food, but above all for sustainable health. I don't like restrictions and I don't belive in them. I believe in " a little bit of everything". That is why I offer food from different kinds of diets and allergies (eg vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, rawfood, etc.) so that there is no focus on limitations, but rather the possibility of choosing what suits one's self the best.

On my blog you will also find posts about health and workout, and kitchen and travel stories when I am traveling around the world. I hope you join me on my journey through a 100 kitchen s