Cardamom and Fig Granola over Greek Yoghurt with Agave Syrup and Banana

Home made fresh granola coming out of the oven, directly served to my Sunday breakfast. Is there anything as delicious as home made fresh granola really? There are endless of variations of granola, and yesterday when I asked you on instagram what flavor you wanted me to make next (today), the answers were rather torn. I'll make you a chocolate granola another day, I promise, but first I want to show you this cardamom granola with dried figs which probably is one of my favorites already!

This granola is sugar free, gluten free and vegan, and I'm serving it over vegan greek yoghurt, with organic banana and agave syrup. This is a success.

Crunchy Granola with Cardamom and Dried Figs

one jar

4 dl gluten free oats

1/2 dl linseeds

1/2 dl sesame seeds

1/2 dl camelina or chia seeds

1/2 d pumpkin seeds

1/2 dl walnuts (can be excluded if nut allergic)

3 tbsp vegetable oil (except olive oil)

3 agave syrup (or honey)

a pinch of real vanilla powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cardamom

Sea salt

Some tbsp of dried figs and other dried fruits/ berries if you want

  • Heat oven to 200 degrees.

  • Place oats and seeds on a baking pan. Spread over some cinnamon, cardamom and salt.

  • Melt vegetable oil in a small sauce pan with 3 tbsp of the agave syrup and vanilla. Stir.

  • Pour this over the dry mixture and mix with a big spoon. Add (at least) 3 more tbsp syrup and mix again. All the grains have to be wet/sticky before placing in the oven.

  • Bake in the oven until golden brown for approx 5-10'. Be cautious it doesn't get burn.

  • Let your granola cool before adding nuts and fruits and berries. Store in a glas jar with lid.

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