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Du har inte glömt av att jag har instagram va och att jag uppdaterar den varje dag med massa nya recept, tips inför att leva ett hälsosamt och nyttigt liv (såväl psykiskt och fysiskt) samt massa behind the scenes från mot jobb som en food content creator va? Följ mig 100kitchenstories på instagram! Därefter finner du mig hädanefter endast på .

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Goodbye Nouw. Hello...


There are a lot of things that has happened in my life, my company and with 100 Kitchen Stories lately. Just a few months ago I released an e-book, "the healthy kitchen habits" with the internationally known Hanna Öberg, I travelled to Brussels with Magnum, I have started a youtube channel, I have worked so hard on my instagram page and we are finally soon reaching 20 k followers, and last but definitely not least - I have created my own personal website.

Yes, this is a goodbye to @nouw and all the years I have been blogging here on this platform. It was about time to make something new, to evolve and grow even more, and to get out of the comfort zone and just do my own thing. This is it guys. It will get so so good and I'm so excited about this new chapter in my life. Only on Nouw, I have close to 1400 followers, and I deeply hope that every single one of you will continue following my journey but from my own website instead.

It will be the same concept, with the same Paulina, but just a lot more refined, better and evolved. Like I said, I really hope you will keep follow me through 100 kitchen stories. You can follow me on bloglovin and instagram to be updated, and soon the link will work and will be directly connected to my new website. You'll also be able to use to get to my website.

I am honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed writing this post and saying goodbye to this, but it's only for the good cause because we will do so much better things and so many fun things together from now on!

Adios Nouw,

and welcome to 100 Kitchen Stories By Paulina Suonvieri!

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Protein Rich Pasta Pesto Salad

Typical school trip food has to be pasta salad right. I can't even remember how many times my mom used to make my this simple - but yet delicious - dish, and I brought it with me as soon as I was going on a trip with my classmates or had a basketball tournament or game in another city. Because this dish is great really. There are endless of variations and you can really make it so it works exactly the way you want it to.

You can really use whatever pasta you want to but today I have used a more protein rich pasta made out on lentils. This pasta is great to use when doing for instance a pasta salad and wanting to add a little bit extra protein to a dish that is, in general, rich in carbs. After this, I just gave the pasta som flavor with pesto, added some veggies and then I was done! It's so simple to make really. Next time, I'll buy some cheese (like vegan feta cheese or mini mozarella balls) and add that too.

Pasta Pesto Salad

2 portions of optional lentil or bean pasta

approx 4 tbsp green pesto*

1/2 tbsp olive oil

7 cherry tomatoes

1/3 red onion

Some Baby Spinach

Sea Salt and a little bit of Black Pepper

+ add if you like some avocado, cheese or Greek olives

*You can buy the pesto in store or make your own, for instance after my vegan pesto recipe.

Boil the pasta according to the instruction on the package.

Combine the pesto, olive oil, salt and a little bit of pepper with the pasta. Add more pesto if needed, we don't want it to not have taste.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves, finely slice or chop the onion and rinse off the baby spinach. Combine everything in a big bowl. Add avocado, olives and cheese if you want to.

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