Dear readers.
I've spent the last 7 months writing all these stories and now I've run out of them.
I finished them all a month ago on my way to Australia and normally I only write when I have layovers and I am on my way to somewhere new.
So far I have 2 more stories to write, but I don't know exactly when I'll go to my next country yet and get a chance to write them. I'll keep you posted, but for now you'll have to be patient.
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Destiny strikes in the airport

This story is truly amazing and so full of random coincidences that I almost can’t believe it myself. To get why the whole thing is so crazy, we have to jump a bit back in time.

I was having a 10-hour layover in Auckland airport on my way to Vietnam. I sat next to a guy for about an hour and a half, writing some of these stories actually. We didn’t really talk besides when one of us had to go to the toilet we would ask if the other one could look after our luggage. This old sweet lady sits down between us and asks us where we are from and we answer at the same time: the same country. We even had a few friends in common on Facebook. I continued to talk to him while I was severely distracted by this amazingly hot guy walking confused around in the airport. I told my new friend that I found this guy really good looking. He walked past me to go to the bathroom and we had eye contact for like 3 seconds without it being awkward at all.

He disappeared and I was to board my flight way later so I couldn’t check my luggage yet and didn’t count on seeing him again.

My new friend texted me that he just talked to him and added him on Facebook so I could find him later. I could not believe he’d done that for me. He told me he was still sitting at Burger King when he left but he didn’t know for how long. It still took me a while to check my luggage, go smoke a cigarette and get up there so I thought he would be gone when I came. He was not. I bought coffee as an excuse to sit next to him and I was so scared to speak to him. Fortunately he felt the strong connection as well and talked to me immediately as I sat down. It turned out he wasn’t even supposed to be in the airport that day. He’d made a mistake and read the date wrong on his ticket and he was supposed to be there the day before! I believe there is a reason for this happening as well. (So he could meet me!)

We literally talked for less than 20 minutes when he realized he was about to miss his plane again. We added each other on Facebook. This small amount of time was breath taking. It felt like we had known each other our whole life. I quickly realized I had a layover in the airport he was flying to and I ran after him to ask him to wait for me there so we could talk more, because I certainly didn’t feel the conversation was over!

He didn’t wait for me because he thought I would be in the transfer area. He didn’t know I had a visa. I asked him to come back to the airport and I had a weak moment asking him directly to come and fuck me. It didn’t quite work. But the magic was still there and soon after we both bought tickets to Hong Kong and decided to meet there two months later.

After a few weeks I decided to do some proper Facebook stalking as we girls do. I found out about what seemed to be a girlfriend and a kid as well. I felt so stupid. I wrote him a polite message saying I thought it was strange he didn’t mention them to me. I got a really nasty reply and it took me a lot not to reply to that. I blocked him instead. It was quite sad because the story was so good.

Before I went to Hong Kong (by myself) I Googled the population in the city. 7 Million people. Which makes the chances of me seeing him 1:7,000,000. I knew the chances would be bigger on the touristy spots, but I thought to myself it wouldn’t happen that we would be at the same place at the same time.

Day 3 in Hong Kong I was on the way to Hong Kong Park and in the middle of nowhere he walks past me and he is obviously a bit lost. My first reaction was to just keep walking because he didn’t see me and asked me to ignore him if I saw him in the airport in his nasty message. I couldn’t ignore the odds for this happening though. This was insane! I wanted to take a photo but instead I pulled myself together and walked up to him simply to inform him about the population in this city. He started laughing so hard I haven’t seen anything like it. I was shaking. This is not a normal coincidence.

He invited me for coffee and since the weather wasn’t so good I said yes. I had to find out why destiny was doing this to me. He apologized and explained his situation. She wasn’t his girlfriend, just crazy (I don’t know if I really believe this, but I don’t care now because I can’t see him and me being anything life-lasting-serious anyway)

It was just like in the airport. It felt like we had known each other forever. This is a very rare and crazy chemistry. Exciting as well. We agreed to “celebrate” the unbelievable situation with a beer and you should know by now: one beer = getting pissed! We talked and talked and talked and then we went to go shopping drunk! We were having so much fun and bought “I <3 HK” t-shirts and a bunch of more completely unnecessary stuff.

He walked me home and for some reason drunk me made a totally dumb excuse that I had to sleep at my hostel. We kissed in the middle of the street. Not just a little but full on two drunken people tongue and all. I was really horny at this point but I’m glad I didn’t sleep with him while I was that drunk.

I unblocked him and it took me exactly 5 minutes to find another girl who was expecting his child. I don’t know if they’re in a relationship. I honestly didn’t want to know so I never mentioned it. The next day we met at 4PM (both a bit hung over) we “got lost” in the city and had a great time. In the evening the sexual tension was almost taking over and we went to his hotel. At first he pulled some shit about our story being so special that he couldn’t perform properly. I knew it was a joke (like I just know him, it’s so weird) even though he is a great actor! Normally I would’ve believed something so convincing.

So this honestly has to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen (yeeeasss! How lucky am I?) even though It was more of a making love session than rough sex I was bleeding a bit when I came back to my own hostel the morning after. It was very intense, intimate and very amazing. He is truly a great lover who values looking me in the eyes while fucking me. He also knows how great a wee bit of choking can be.

On top of that we took breaks to laugh and crack jokes. He took the duvet over his head and asked if I’d ever been fucked by a ghost before. I slapped him with my tit. Twice. We were both present in the moment and everything was just right.


He is a tall, big, handsome, muscular guy but his favorite color is pink, and he made me a drawing of us meeting randomly in HK with me saying “7 million people”. Such a little girly bitch on the inside (jokes)

So next time I randomly run into him somewhere in the world I will not be surprised. I will probably look to the sky and be like: “Why this again! What is this for?”



“It’s big! I promise!”

On my last night in Cambodia before heading to Thailand (which I did on a night bus while drunk and also without any food, water or cash) I obviously had to go out and celebrate.

I wasn’t in the biggest party mood but I went to the beach bar I used to work at. I was dancing and suddenly there was a guy in front of me. You know this feeling you can get when looking someone in the eyes and you just have to talk to them? That’s what happened. We danced for maybe half a song and then sat outside to talk. We were both fascinated with each other and walked home together (he was staying where I worked). So we chatted for a couple of hours and I got him excited on purpose even though I didn’t really intend to have sex with him. I don’t know why I do that. I said he could come to my bed for cuddles but no sex. I was sick of guys who didn’t know how the hell to please a woman. It’s not fucking rocket science come on!

At first I just wanted to sleep and I pretended to sleep for a while. I could tell he was on the edge to explode and it was a bit amusing. I “woke up” and after trying to turn me on without any success he literally said to me “it’s big!” and I couldn’t do anything but laugh. He proceeded “Touch it! You won’t be disappointed!”

I have to admit he was right. I felt it while we cuddled before.

I thought to myself why the hell not then! We did have good chemistry and we were already almost naked.

Finally. Good sex! He was able to make me cum!

When we started having sex it was almost in the morning and we hadn’t really slept. I enjoyed it so much. We had breakfast together and decided to get some sleep afterwards. Back in my bed we couldn’t sleep or stop touching each other at all. Then the ass-grabbing guy came into the room while we had sex. We tried to stop and when we thought he’d left we continued. I was making a lot of noise because it was amazing. When we finished we noticed he hadn’t left after all. Well then he could at least hear how it’s done!

We spend the whole day together and ended up having sex quite a lot of times before me leaving the country. We got drunk before I got on the bus, and without sleep, food, water and cash and completely exhausted I got on the bus to Thailand. Maybe I’ll see him again someday.



The Taylor Lautner copy

As mentioned before; the tattooed guy really got my sex drive kick started…

On the Friday pub-crawl that I had to participate in as a part of my job, I met this guy who looks a lot like Taylor Lautner (the werewolf guy from Twilight) so yes he was very handsome. He tried to flirt with me but it didn’t quite work as he was very drunk and I was doing the crawl completely sober. All he said to me was:

  • 1.You look really cute
  • 2.Do you want a drink? (No I am still not drinking)
  • 3.Do you want to dance? (Yes, and we would go dance a bit)
  • 4.You have a nice body (And I would stop dancing with him)

On repeat approximately 8-10 times. I could tell he was quite shy and I would like to have sex with him but not while he was that drunk. When we went to the next and final bar he disappeared.

A week later I saw him having dinner at the restaurant I now worked in. We sat down, talked and had a few drinks when I got off work. I think we talked for a full 2 hours before we headed to his hotel. It turned out he lived in the most expensive hotel in the city and also the biggest one I’ve ever seen. It had it’s own beach. I was a little bit impressed… but by the fact that he was a show-off I could assume he would have quite a small penis. Again I was right. But he still looked like Taylor and he was a really nice guy. He was in Cambodia to dive and completely different from the drunken version of him I met a week before. When we got to his room he politely asked me if I wanted to make out.

Really? So you think I am on your bed biting my lip as a crazy woman because I want you to read me a bedtime story? A tiny bit of a turn off I must say. When it is this obvious I want to have sex with someone it should be easy and just go for it and kiss me.

The sex was pretty average and I had now had sex with three different guys within a week and I hadn’t had one single orgasm. I was a bit disappointed and still horny because I didn’t get the damn good sex I deserve.