Hi everybody. Unfortunately this is my last post about my trip to south Africa. The days I spent there were amazing. I got to know so many things about this wonderful country and the life there. Now I know more about how people spend some of their holidays there, what they eat, what someone can visit and what to do while they are there. Of course my knowledge about some people who live and lived there has been improved and I also got to know some things about school there. And maybe you wonder, why I haven’t talked about schools yet. And here is the answer to the question. This last post is going to be about the education in South Africa. I always wanted to visit a school in another country and get to know more about the education and the system there. This travel gave me the chance to do it. I spoke with a teacher I met and she informed me a bit about schools. I even had the opportunity to hang with her a whole day in the school she works and join her class.

In South Africa the education is separated in primary education, middle education, secondary education, vocational education and tertiary education. The first 7 years are spent in primary school which is from grade 1 to grade 7. In primary school are literacy and numeracy established. The following 3 years are spent in a middle school which corresponds to the ‘’högstadiet’’ in swedish. The secondary education is from grade 10 to 12. When someone finishes the 12th grade has to take a written exam covering a minimum of six subjects to obtain the Senior Certificate and go to college.

The schools are builded in rural areas. And that is the problem. The schools are not as big as the schools in other countries. Sa most of all are forced to be in a class with more than 40 pupils in it. In other countries a normal class used to have about 20-25 children. Unfortunately the children in South Africa don't have the same opportunities. The class of the school that I visited had 52 pupils and only one teacher. Isn't that strange? The children can sit and play during the lesson without anyone notice them and that's not what they are supposed to do during the school time.

The school in Sweden and as I know in UK too is free of charge. You don’t have to pay for your child to go to school. In Sweden food is served at school, The parents in South africa have to pay R8000 to R20000 (it’s almost 4000 to 14000 swedish krona) every year to send their kids to school.

Having school uniforms in public schools is mandatory. I don’t know much about it but I can say that it is something that we all wish for… or anyways I wish for. In Sweden school uniforms is a dream. You can go to school and wear whatever you want. But in other countries like UK etc school uniforms is a school routine that can be both positive and negative in many different ways which I'm going to talk in another post. The meaning is that the schools in South Africa have uniforms like the other schools in UK and USA but this does not happen in Sweden.

About the schools hours are almost like everywhere else. They beggin at 7.30- 8.00 pm and finish around 14.00- 15.00 am.

That is all I know about the schools there. There was a really funny experience to travel there, live and learn so much about this country which is so beautiful. I hope you also learned many things about the obligatory education system in South Africa from this post and as much as other things from my previous posts.

XOXO Christina Outra



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I'm back everyone with my travel texts. As you know I’ve been in south africa and today’s text is going to be about the christmas holidays I spent there. I'm going to tell you everything about the it.

Celebrating christmas in South Africa was the most unusual thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. There are so many differences from christmas in the rest of the world.

You maybe don't know that, but in South Africa it’s summer during Christmas holidays. Isn't that so cool? This is probably one of the most important differences. When I was there it was really hard to get used to it. Beeing summer and having Christmas at the same time is impossible in my country. But it happens in South africa. You can see people swimming in the sea or picking flowers from big meadows. And all these happen while they celebrate christmas of course. The dream of the ‘’white christmas’’ doesn’t exist. The sun is always shining. But there are of course many Christmas markets and Christmas decorations everywhere which helps you get into the Christmas spirit.

The schools are closed and you can rarely find businesses or stores open. Some of them stay closed for the whole month of december just to have Christmas holidays which is really strange for us who come from other countries where all the stores are always open except of the day of christmas of course.

Going carol singing is very popular in South Africa. On Christmas Eve many kids and adults are dressed up like angels, walk around the city singing Christmas songs. This is a tradition that doesn’t exist in Sweden. Early in the morning on Christmas Eve people use to go to the Church. On Christmas day people visit their friends and families, eat, sing and play different games together. Some of them travel or go to the beach.

Did you think i would forget Christmas food? Of course not. In South africa they use to eat turkey, sausage, meat, roasted beef, rice pies and vegetables but they also have traditional food. They eat the traditional south african dessert called Malva Pudding. The pudding contains apricot jam and has a spongy caramelized texture. It’s been served with raspberries and ice cream and some crackers. The meal is often eaten outside in the sun or even to the beach.

Christmas decorations are quite similar with ours in Sweden. They decorate the houses with christmas trees and they put Christmas presents under the trees for their children. Many kids hang up stockings and wait for the Santa Claus to come. This is the same tradition all over the world. Oh… I forgot to mention that Santa Clause is called Sinterklaas or Kersvader.

Next time you want to choose and visit a sunny place to spend your Christmas holidays, consider to buy a ticket to South Africa.



Hi everyone! I hope you feel good. Those days I was In South Africa I learned more about famous people that were born and lived here. And I think that will be fun if i tell some facts to you so you can learn more about theme.


Did you know that South Africa was a racially divided country for many years ago? this situation fortunately changed thanks to a very important person whose name is Nelson Mandela. So let me introduce you to him.

Nelson Mandela was born in South africa at 1918. He was the first political leader in south africa who abolished the apartheid. But do you know what does the apartheid mean? Apartheid is a political system which discriminates people according to the races. This means that people are not equal, they don't have the same rights on earth and their rights depend on their races. Nelson Mandela has been a global advocate for humans rights and became the first black president in africa at 1994- 1999. He changed completely the life of the minorities in south africa and with his political system he gave them the opportunity to have a decent and normal life that deserved to all the people.

Think that all those changes that he accomplished for his country happened after he was released from prison. Yes, Nelson was in prison for 27 whole years. 1962 he was deported from his own country because of his political beliefs and sentenced to 27 years in prison. But despite the difficulties that he lived he never lost his hope on his sharpe spirit.

Nelson Mandela was jointly awarded the NOBEL PRIZE for peace in 1993 for his efforts.

He died at the age of 95 (2013) at his own home at Johannesburg, but he will remaining in history as the first black president of South Africa and as a global advocate of the human rights.




Charlize theron is an extremely famous actress who was born in Beroni, South africa in 1975. Charlize was raised in a farm where she lived with her family outside of Beroni. She was received an education as a ballet dancer and danced at the famous performances ‘’Swan Lane’’ and ‘’The nutcrackers’’. She started modeling at the age of 14. She started her career as an actor by playing in a tv spot where she advertised the famous martini drink. Then she kept on being more and more famous until she gain an Oscar Award for the best female roll of the film ‘’Monster’’ where she played the roll of Aileen Wuornos. Aileen Wuornos was an american serial killer who was guilty of killing six men. Later on she was executed in a prison at Florida.

Charlize got her name after her father Charles Jacobus Theron. Charlize’s father was an alcoholist. He owned a construction company in South Africa and had a kind and funny personality but when he was drinking too much he could became really dangerous. One day while he was drank he got furious and started to shout to kill Charlize. He banged at her door with his gun. Gerda, Charlize’s mother, who was trying to protect her daughter, took a gun and shoot him and his brother who was there. That was a big family drama which Charlize would never forget.

Just a few years years before her 40rth birthday she decided to adopt a little boy named Jackson, on March 2012. She was engaged to Sean Penn. On 2015 after at she broke up with him she decided to adopt an african girl named August. Now she is single and lives happily with her two kids.





Hi everybody! I hope you are in a better position than me because my trip to South Africa is now over. I landed back home for a few hours ago and I'm now back hereto my ordinary life. Those days were so perfect. It was one of the most perfect experiences in my whole life which i'm never going to forget. I really wish i could turn back time and visit all those amazing places again. I have visited so many places these past few weeks. So if you want to know more about South Africa you can just continue reading. Some of these experiences just made me ‘’fall in love with them’’. I just adore those places and i think that i'll be fun if I share them with you. Here are two of them.

Safari/ Kruger nationalpark

The safari is a trip in Africa. The Kruger National park is the most famous and exiting safari park that exists in the whole world. You can choose between many different safari tours: the classic safari tour, safari lodge, romantic safari, family safari. As you know I was there with two of my friends so we chose the classic one. We spended 5 days in this wonderful wildlife experience. We explored the tropical life in Africa and learned more about the traditions of the land. We danced and played game, and even sang traditional songs. We had a wonderful time. The last day we left our footprint at the marvelous red soil of africa. Safari is a trip that each one of you have to try.


Funicular railway/ Table Mountain

The table mountain is 1084m height and it is even called the flat-top mountain because of the flat area at the end of it. We took the cable car and after five minutes we arrived at the top of the mountain. There, we had the chance to enjoy the great view of the Cape town, the Table bay and the Table mountain National Park. Watching the sunset up there was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. Someone could even climb and hike on this mountain.