Music. A very underrated source of emotions.

Yes I Did Say Emotions , I mean for me ,I always tend to listen to music whenever I can .

Whatever happens to me I run to Music To express it But nope I'm not a good singer I just like to sing the lyrics of a song , Because the lyrics of a song could make you say what you think outloud.

So Im gonna Write The songs im Super into At The Moment

1. Never Be Like You - Flume ft. kai

2. Sign of the times - Harry Styles

3. Stung -Quinn

4.How Deep Is Your love - calvin harris ( Im still Hung Up on it )

5.Green Light - Lorde (comment down below if youre a lorde fan )

6.issues -Julia michaels

7. Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

8. Still Got Time - Zayn ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

9.Escalate - tsar B

10. Only you - Selena Gomez

Hope You Enjoy these Songs Love ~R

P.s I found The Photos on tumblr theyre not mine

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I just want to say that it's not too late to watch TEEN WOLF, if you haven't yet. And it's because it's probably THE BEST tv show ever!! We're all waiting for season 6B now. It's rumored that it's going to be out THIS SUMMER!! GOSH i cant wait!!

Here's a little summary of the SIX seasons:

Season one: Scott gets bitten by "the alpha" and they try to figure out who he is.

Season two: someone gets his wish done and gets bitten. A chimera will be running in town. But who is it?

Season three: a new girl is in town. She has super natural powers. Stiles (MY POOR BABY!) gets POSSESSED by some evil powers! What will Scott and his pack do?

Season four: someone put all the people with supernatural powers in his/her head! They make a DEADPOOL! And pays people to kill them! How will they find who he/she is?

Season five: dread doctors are in town! They will just mess with everyone and everything. Someone is trying to steal the alphas powers!

Season six: the GHOST RIDERS are in town (beacon hills always has visitors smh). They take stiles away (IT JUST HAD TO BE STILES JEFF). What will scott and the pack do?




Music is something that unites people and bring them together, so it's really important to shine a light on it, and share good music with people that may help inspire them, encourage them or make them feel something that can't be explained.
In this blog i want to talk about my favorite albums of 2016 and hopefully help you find new music✨:
1. Layers - Kungs: we probably all know kungs for his hit with Cooking on 3 burners This girl, otherwise he's really underrated and definitely needs more recognition, This album is under the genre Tropical house and every song is unique in its own way, my favorite song on the album is.. well it has to be a toss between Tripping off ft. Lune and Bangalore streets ft. Freia
2. Illuminate - Shawn Mends : I think we all agree that Shawn is one of the few artists with talent out there, but the improvement he showed in this album is insane! Each and every song on the album is so good, and it seems like Shawn has got it all, the vocals and the instrumental talent. My favorite song of the album is Roses.
3. Dangerous woman - Ariana Grande : one of the best albums ever to me! Ariana absolutely killed it with this one, to me this album was experimental and soulful, and its so hard for me to pick a favorite from it! Her vocals are everything (im starting to fangirl over it) my favorite at the moment is Knew better/ Forever boy.
4. Skin - Flume : this album does electronic right! It's so vibrant and cool and the tracks are different and unique, tho i feel like Flume doesn't really step out of his comfort zone with the beats but his music is still very good! My favorite song is Never be like you -Kai
5. I think you think too much about me - Eden : Eden is so underrated and it's so unfair, he's such a talented voice in the industry, especially this Ep of his, it's so unique and beautiful, and definitely deserves more attention! My favorite song if this Ep is called Sex.
And that's about it guys! May this blog be helpful for anyone looking for some good music or just fun to read in general.
All my love, L♥️



One Book Shop ,About 15-20 People in their own corners ,And Every corner holds a memory And every memory holds either a Struggle or an achievement.

Just Like how books hold a story/message .The place that holds the book Also does.
In The farthest corner of A book shop/Library You'll find Three Girls trying to get a glimpse of the way the ones before lived. they were obsessed with the 70's-80's era. So every chance they got to come into this particular bookshop they tried their best to hide their excitement . but everytime they learned something new they try to embrace it and let it settle in their souls. Did you guess who is those three girls? they're us Z|R|L . we love reading books and we're interested in rambling on and on about them with you guys. We Read books and sometimes we read wattpad stories ,No not the fanfiction ones , but ones where those writers try to develop their writing. So i definitely recommend you to read some wattpad ( if you want us to list our favorite writers and books in wattpad comment down below) .



A person's style is what expresses them and show who they are, well some times.
Everyone has their own style. You either copy it with adding your special touches, or you get inspired by it and create your own style.
Picking an outfit for some is a really easy process because they know what they want and exactly what they need for their day.
As for me, I go for a casual look for with a hint of class, I'd wear some highwaist denims, a simple top/blouse with flats or boots.
Recently I've been obsessed with noora sætre's style from skam (I really recommend watching that btw) she really wears some AMAZING stuff from her boots to her blouses to her coats and button shirts.
Here are some pictures of the style below




Ze Real Life. A place where we'll be sharing our thoughts. A blog that is held by Z, R and L. 3 Best friends and a Keyboard . We decided that the only way to express our thoughts and opinions on certain things is through a Blog Because What better way to Communicate with others on this huge platform that goes by the name INTERNET . We will be talking about basic things in general like fashion , music , books so basically Everything and Anything . So wait for our content.