Zombie Plan

I woke up cold and barely with any clothes. The minute I woke up I couldtell where I was. Inside of LF arena, just in the lounge of the building.Looking out of the windows I could see the football courts. I have a crowbar lying next to me, in my delirious mind I’m starting to think of why I wouldwake up in LF Arena without any memories of why I even got there. Quick visionsfrom last night starts to come back, cars that is on fire, chaos on the street,people running for their life. Old friends and family members that no longerseemed like themselves. I quickly realised that some kind of virus must havespread, making the infected ones have zombie-like behaviour.

Just a couple of meters away I can hear sounds, sounds coming fromanother room in the building. A banging sound, like someone is trying to tackledown a door. In a panic I’m starting to consider my options on how to get outof here. On one of the football courts I can spot an ATV. I pick up my crowbar,looks out of the windows trying to spot anything suspicious. I unlock the doorfrom the inside and start to run with my crowbar ready to swing. When I arriveat the ATV, I check so it has fuel, oil and enough air in the tyres, the keywas left in the engine lock, I didn’t even think of why the key might be thereand to be honest I couldn’t care less.

A couple of minutes into driving around looking for something or someone Isuddenly stop in a very open place just to be sure. I’m going to have to startthinking about my options.

I’m thinking about what I’ve just been through. Or might it just havebeen an illusion? I don’t know. I turn on the engine in purpose of heading backto LF Arena. I’m curious about what’s going on there, and I feel like figuringit out.

On my way back I swing by the local radio station in hope to getinformation about other survivors. Nothing, the line is dead. Where iseveryone, I wondered as I suddenly hear a very distinct noise. It comes closer,and closer. I grasp my crowbar, ready to swing as I hear a girl screaming forhelp. On instinct I rushed to help her, she is a survivor. Although she hasbeen bitten. Frankly I’m in panic, thinking about my options and deciding tohelp her, when suddenly at least 5 zombies rushed out to keep feeding on her.At that moment I just acted on instinct. I grasped one of the broken beams thathad several tacks on it, I threw it at them without even inflicting a tiny bitof damage to them. I closed the door and held it shut using another beam thatlie on the floor, I rush out of the building without stopping for a second tothink about that girl that’s still in there. At this moment it is every man forhimself.

I rev up the ATV and drives to the local food store. When I arrive Ifeel like it’s the best day in my life as I see that there is still a lot offood that I can come back for later to store somewhere and survive of that.


About 8 weeks have now passed. I still haven’theard from or seen any more survivors. I have now learnt to live like this.I’ve stolen and moved an RV a couple of hundred meters into the wilderness,changed out every window in the RV to secure planks and iron bars, last time theundead were here was about 3 ½ weeks ago, they seemed to think no one wasliving here. I’ve also taken the time to dig a tunnel from the RV to the localfood store where I get my supplies from. I’m counting the days, but what for?This could keep on going forever, I’m tired, I want to see my family, are theyeven alive? I can’t think around those circuits, it just destroys me. I decidedthat I should go to the local food store via my tunnel. I took three trash bagswith me so I could stack up. I couldn’t risk leaving this RV for another coupleof weeks after this.