Hey guys! I will be posting lots of different outfit combos...like the one below. Most of all the outfits I post will be outfits that are good for racing πŸ‘πŸΌ and still look fashionable πŸ›.


Blue cardigan

Location: Ferdinand's Horse market

Price: 87 Star coins or 7800 Jorvik shillings

Level requirement: 14

Points: Ride=8 Jump=1 Command=4 Care=1


Black Jeans

Location: Silverglade store "The Castle"

Price: 96 star coins or 9770 Jorvik Shillings

Level requirement: 13

Tack points: Ride=5 (*Note these are the ONLY pants in the game that give you 5 in riding) Jump=1


Black Top Hat

Location: Silverglade Village "The Fashion Barn"

Price: 99 Star coins or 0 Jorvik shillings

Level requirement: 9

Tack points: Ride=2 Command=8


Black Sports Boots

Location: Silverglade "The fashion barn"

Price: 83 star coins or 0 Jorvik shillings

Level requirement: 12

Tack points: Ride=3 Jump=2 Command=4 Care=2


Black Sports Saddle

Location: At the mall in the horse equipment store

Price: 67 Star coins or 6350 Jorvik shillings

Level requirement: 9

Tack points: Speed=3 Strength=1 Agility=2


Twilight Bridle

Location: The mall at the horse equipment store

Price: 76 Star coins or 5550 Jorvik Shillings

Level Requirment: 15

Tack points: Speed=3 Strength=3


Blanket: any white blacker or dark blue blanket can be worn

Accessories: Blue saddle bag found in the fort pinta

Animal: Black Seal (if you don't have the deal a black puppy works too)

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This was one of the Flower Girls many club events ❣This was a parade that J got to host! 



A brand new outfit for Lemon Crush and I.




My name is Zoe Grayfall. I am an sso player who plays on the NA1 Night Star server. I am fairly new to the game, I have been playing for less than a year. I joined last November. I am also level 16 with 9 gorgeous horses. On sso there are rising clubs. Riding clubs are these groups that can have up to 50 people where you get to know others and hang out with them. Riding clubs come In many different size and all have a different unique name. I have been in many great riding clubs before. I could list them but that would take to long πŸ˜‚About 4 weeks ago...I found myself a family. That family is...

The Flower Girls πŸ’πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ¦„

(Sorry for all the emojis)

The Flower girls is a great club. As soon as I joined I was greeted by amazing people. I talk to those people every single day. They are people that are so important to me. Sure our ages are far from similar, but we don't care. We love each other. We are family. πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ΅πŸ’›

Aside from riding clubs, there are other friends. I have had some very close friends. They were there for me and I was there for them. Recently, some conflict happened. A group of my close friends turned on me. Thankfully, after a week or so most of them apologized and so did i. Now, all of my friends are still there for me except for one. One day hopefully we will be friends but for now we both need our space.

This is just one of the many posts that I will have here...πŸ’–

~Zoe "Zo" Grayfall