A-salamo alikum beautiful people.

The reason why I do this post is that there are many girls who are thinking to take off their hijab!!!! Because they are getting too much hate , and that they feel bad and they don't feel comfortable with their hijab.

My sweet sister and brothers before you do anythink or say anythink think twice or three times.

No one has the right to say stupid things to each other or call each other for things that are very nasty or bad.

You know for one littel think you say a human can be very sad and feel so bad that they can take there life! Do you wanna be the reason why a human take there life? it doesn't matter if you know the people or not it can be whoever maybe someone you love maybe someone from you family or maybe someone you dont even know but that persone you dont even know have a family they have also people who love them, so please think before you spits it out, anything you say you can never take back.

And my beautiful sweet sisters you are beautiful just the way you are dont let anyone make you feel bad. you are beautiful with hijab and you are beautiful without hijab. 

I know its hard to have hijab in the country that no one have it and everyone looking at yoy like you are some trash, but dont forget (NEVER FORGET) what you have it. You have the hijab to make Allah happy, you have the hijab to make Mahdi (A) happy and make you family proud. 

Before you even thinking to take it off dont forget for who you have it, you have it for Allah and not for yourself. You have it because Allah want you to have hijab.

Allah make you , he make all of oss, he make this world & anythink & anyone, he make you and give you a great family and the health and many more thinks, so he have to tell you to wear hijab or?? 

And I know your excuses also to not wear hijab:

1 )  I dont feel beautiful!

aren't they beautiful? 

why conät you be like them??

 2 excuse number two ) i am too young, i am not ready to wear hijab!

you won't be ready for death either...​

3 excuse number tree ) its not mandatory...?

" And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaza and guard their modesty that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear therof that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty.... (24:31) "


"o prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them ... (33:59) 

girls a hijab has its own beauty and competency.

4 excuse number four ) i cant feel oppressed. i need to live my life to the fullest.

5 excuse number five) i just cant stay committed to it.

6 exuse number sex) 

my momma wont let me wear it 

" but if they strive with you to make you ascribe to me as partner that of witch you have no knowledfge, then obey them not , but deal with then nicely in the world and follow the path of him who repents to me (31:12-19) "

7 excuse number seven) 

i wont feel stylish enough.

 8 excuse number eight ) 

nobody would love me or want to marry me.


" women were married for 4 reasons : for their wealth, their status , their beauty and their religion, and that the good muslims were the ones who married women because of their faith "

 9 excuse number nine)

My friends will judge me.

omg... who cares about some (fake) "friends" is they judge you negatively for dressing modestly? The one who can judge oss is just Allah 

10   excuse number ten)

nobody will respect me.

respect is ALL you'll be getting and giving.

11   excuse number eleven )

nobody will recognize me.

12 excuse number Twelve )

i'll just be a nobody

i am quite sure many people will notice you. Most of all, Allah will notice you.

13 excuse number Tretorn )

they won't allow it where i work.

if they won't let you work because of the way you're clothed, then they are not worth working for.

14 excuse number fourteen  )

i feel too hot in it.

I am sure its hotter there!

15 excuse number Fifteen)

they'll call me a terrorist.

who cares about their bullsh'ts? andt most open minded peopele know we're not like that. 

16  excuse number sixteen )

but, modesty begins from within.

if thats so then why not show it externally as well?

17  excuse number seventeen)

its not like the hijab is still practiced today...

18  excuse number eighteen )

why are you wearing a hijab? 

my right my choice my life!!!

19  excuse number nineteen) 

i feel so insecure without my curls ...

hope you like it and everybody i am sorry for my wrong spelling i am not that good on english!

And please comment on what you think and what I was wrong and right, I have not always right so comment if I said something wrong and give ideas for what I could change and improve.

love you guys have a nice day/night <3