I'm Zeventine, welcome to my world. Here I'll be updating on who I am and what I do. It's gonna be so fun to blog about what's to come. What is that, you may wonder. To tell you that you must know a little more about me.

I'm a 15 year old actor, entrepreneur and singer from Stockholm, Sweden and in September of last year I signed a record deal with my own founded label IG01 Records and currently I'm working in the studio office to release an EP (a shorter album) to give you guys very soon. The music will feature its own theme. Problems. The majority of my followers on social media are teens and young adults, I'm a teen and from my perspective I am concerned and have experiences in most teen problems. That's what the EP's going to be about.

Wait, you may stop me there! Own founded label you said?

Yup, my entirely own label --- no, it's also my team's. You see, the whole idea of launching the label was to discover talent and release music myself. Sure, I don't need to be signed to label to release music, no, and you don't need it either, it's just that when you are signed under a label you can do so much more.

When I created my label as an entrepreneur I was dedicated to networking from day 1. Networking is what brought me to contracts with companies, music delivery for Spotify, Apple, Amazon, or even contacts with people working in the media. During the years I've been working in the media and music industry it isn't about how well you do your job, well, it's partly that, but it's also about who you know and who you don't know.

To get on Spotify, or have your music in the archives of another streaming sites for the matter, you can't just upload it there. You'll need to sign plenty of deals with the sites and you need to have agents, managers, and companies willing to spend money on you.

There are many ways for you to gain a well developed network, but you will need to fight for it. Go to networking events, it doesn't need to be big, or fancy. As a 15 year old teen I went to Youth event and got new friends, but also connections with different musicians and performers in the industry. I'm not saying you'll need to be religious to build up a network, I'm only partly religious for the record, but by daring to go and meet new people is the first step to a wider network in your surrounding.

If you're still unsure of how to begin, start by just following and follow people back on social media. On Twitter and Instagram I tend to be more personal, what I do when influential people follow me is that I contact them by sending them a message on Instagram Direct, or Twitter privately saying an easy hello, then I'm introducing myself and start asking them about their career, or business. We're then talking about the general industry and get connections to save in our phone books. It can be that easy. By doing that I've actually built connections to photographers and journalists of the BBC, the founder and team members of Sony Music, and its artists. Other people I've connected with are signed musicians from Universal Music and Capital Records. It sounds surreal and impossible, but it isn't. It's all about getting the right networking strategies.

I'm not saying that me and these people I brought up are ''best friends'' in any way, we've only been talking and maybe even been exchanging numbers etc. Business contacts are good to have in the media and music industry to get anywhere. If I wouldn't have been networking with the main labels and companies within the business of music delivery, I would have never been able to create a record label and that's a fact for the industry.

A pro tip to you is to always be positive about your experiences in the industry and life. Always. Dare to build up connections and remember that speaking is the key point to everything.

Zeve x