If there is one thing that is just as effective as annoying - it´s nagging.

My mum FINALLY gave in and decided tell me some of the secrets from the box.

* * * *

Your grandfather Rune was born in a small town called Riverton in Wyoming

Rune was the son of Otto Zetterquist and Dorothea Frölander

Runes parents had meet on the boat to America and fallen inlove

Runes parents got married in New York

He had one sister named Ann-Marie and a half-sister called IngaMaj

Ingamaj was born out of wedlock and did not share the same father

Ingamaj was the favourite child amongst the grandchildren

IngaMaj was left in Sweden when her mum left for America

The grandparents made Rune work support himself and Ann-Marie

The grandparents were mean and greedy

Runes nickname was "Cryen"

Rune worked as an electrician

* * * *

To a curious and inquisitive little girl this brought even more questions.

The main one being: Why?

How could anyone just leave their own child behind?

Why would the grandparents be so mean?

How could the parents be okay with this?

Who was the father of IngaMaj?

Was my mum and her sister the end of the line?

Back then It never crossed my mind that this might all just be a number of preconceived notions, if my mum had told me then it must be so.

Or was there more to the story?

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Growing up, there was this box.

This box was special.

Cause unlike the rest of the boxes being constantly filled and emptied when my parents moved the family around, this one stayed intact. Inside was all kinds of hidden treasures from the past, memories we were not allowed to look at, not even if mum would hold the photos herself.

"When I grew up this box was always tucked away"

So the box stayed in its place, looked up in the living room cabinet.

Until one day..