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A quote from the video:

“It's just repackaged dualism, the idea of splitting human beings into two. It actually is a war on being human.”

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“Order out of chaos.”

The circle symbolizes infinity, which is the emptiness that existed before the Universe. It still exists, but now it's veiled by all things finite, which is what the triangle symbolizes. What I mean by finite things is simply: matter. Everything that exists is physical, because what else could something possibly be made out of, if not matter? Energy, you might say. Well, what exactly is energy? Think about it.

We can't perceive infinity. It's impossible. We can only infer that it exists by looking at the natural world, and by looking at the Universe at large.

The contours of the triangle cut through the infinite emptiness, and shape it into matter. This is meant to show that the Universe doesn't have independent existence apart from its source. Everything is fundamentally empty. The contours of the triangle are invisible, again, to show that it doesn't exist separately from its source.



Father Time. It sounds almost like the Christian "Father God". Apparently the image is derived from the Grim Reaper, as well as the Greek Titan "Cronus". Father Satan is a common title in Theistic Satanism, where they view Satan as an actual deity, a living spirit being of sorts. In my opinion, this is literalism, where people who lack discernment (and intelligence) read old texts, but fail to recognize the symbolism behind it all. Spiritual texts are filled with allegories, and this is why they are commonly referred to as "fairy tales" by atheists. In any case, the point I wanted to make is that we always think of time as a cruel parent, who has the power to destroy us.

I want to include both good and evil, birth and death, in the discussion. This is why I mention both God and "anti-God". Both seem to be personifications of time. Why is this a big deal? Because time is the real currency in the Universe. How we spend our time is what creates our destiny. The choices that we make are the sowing that eventually becomes the reaping of consequences. There's no reward or punishment in the Universe; only consequences. What is the space within which we make our choices? The present moment. This is why real-time awareness is such a huge deal, and why so much focus is put on "the Now" in spirituality.

The current moment is the only place where we have any say at all, any power to affect the outcome. A life time in whole is nothing but the sum of individual moments. This moment was caused by the previous moment, and in turn is the cause of the next moment. If we understand that life is nothing but a causal flow, that will move forward with or without us, then the priority must surely be to be in touch with that flow. If we stand on the leading edge of this movement, we have a broader view because we have more information available, and hence we can make better decisions as a consequence.

Knowledge will set you free. We need to demystify life, and rationally understand why things happen. I have no time for spiritual or religious superstition, or fairy tales that try to sweep the natural world under the rug, and pretend that everything is a big mystery. This is not a debate, folks. It's not a matter of opinion, but a question of facts. Also, note that in the last few centuries where we've relied on science, we've made more progress than during the many thousands of years where we relied on religion to guide us. Why has this progress been made? Because science relies on knowledge about the natural world, or in short: truth.

It's possible to know why things happen, and we can do that once we know what makes everything tick. As I have already mentioned before, the key to unlocking the secrets of the Universe is to understand that everything is based on causality.

Time = karma = causality

In Indian (no, not Native American) religious traditions they have a symbol called the "wheel of karma" (or reincarnation), which is another depiction of time. In the middle of the wheel stands Mara (their version of the Devil), and he is the one who controls the movement of the wheel. As I've already said before, the Devil is just a personification of time, or more accurately: causality. Using my common sense, I come to the conclusion that the meaning of this symbol is that time is cyclical, and ruled by cause and effect. Time is what causes us to be born and die, and the goal of Indian religions is to free oneself from this cycle. Again, using my common sense, I come to the conclusion that the way to free oneself from the negative effects of causality is to discover the aspects of life that are unaffected by movement. In short, the way to find freedom is to discover the things that never change. What are those things?

Here and now.

So, the point of the more "progressive" religions is actually liberation from time (and the time-based personality that goes along with it). This liberation is known as Nirvana (or Moksha), among other names.

A good rule to go by is:

If it's a story, it's not true. In other words, if it doesn't fit inside a single moment, it's not the truth.



The most frustrating thing that you can tell a spiritual person is: "you will never get further than where you are right now". They view this as an insult, but in reality it's only stating the truth plainly. This moment is all there is; it's every moment that has ever been and will ever be.

Most people misunderstand time, and how it works. I'm not a scientist. I don't know anything about quantum physics or string theory. I don't know how to build a time machine, but I can say a few things about time and how it works. It's really very simple. Time is causality.

People think of time as if it's all broken up in little pieces. They think that the past has no relationship with the present moment, and that the present moment has no relationship with the future. Most people are probably not aware that this is how they think. It all comes down to not understanding causality. How can anything be disconnected from anything else, when there's a causal chain that connects every little thing to every other thing?

Just because something is very big (like the Universe, for example) and difficult to understand, doesn't mean that there isn't some kind of logic operating underneath it all. In fact, there has to be or else this entire Universe would've already disintegrated into chaos. Everything is based on law, or else the stone would not fall. Everyone can see this operating in their daily lives. It really isn't a mystery. I think that the basic law underneath it all is: the law of cause and effect. This is what has been referred to in the past as "karma". The way that I see it, what's really meant when people say "everything happens for a reason" is: nothing happens without a cause.

It makes sense, right?

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is just a modern and New Agey version of this simple truth (causality) that everyone can see if they would just open their eyes. However, LoA is a misrepresentation of causality. LoA states that physical action is irrelevant, and the LoA preachers are able to sell this false idea because they mix the truth with lies. In short: LoA is a half-truth.

In my opinion, the LoA preachers are all knowingly (or unknowingly) part of a psy-op, meant to hijack the true awakening of humanity. They are basically trying to sell the ultimate happy pill to people who are already off course, and who need actual contact (with reality), actual presence in the moment.

The cure for our condition is not to move further away from reality, into fantasy land. Living in the mind is what caused this sickness to begin with. In the Western world, we are heavily influenced by Christianity, no matter if we are religious, spiritual, agnostics or atheists. We are in many ways disconnected from reality. We are mentally ill, more so than we probably realize. Culture is nothing but a collective psychosis.

What I'm trying to say is that it's probably a much better idea to build one's reality on the actual experience of the present moment, instead of basing everything on belief systems. The real cure is to acknowledge the physical body and how it feels, without judgment. It's precisely because most people suffer from some kind of negative condition (in reality), that they see no other solution but to flee into their minds. Reality has become unbearable for them, because they judge it as lacking.

To be awake, the way that I see it, is to become more aware of reality, not to separate oneself from the world and live in a private reality bubble. LoA teaches people to become more narcissistic, psychopathic and mentally ill. We need to acknowledge the natural world, not ignore it. LoA is a solipsistic world view, because it teaches people to just blindly ignore everyone else, because 1) there isn't anyone else, and 2) reality is an illusion. There's no room for empathy or compassion if there isn't even the acknowledgement that other people exist.

I digress...

The topic was time, right? I explained causality once again, because it's important, and to give a backstory to what I'm about to say.

This moment is just a container. It can contain many different things; sense perceptions, emotions and thoughts. We can call this container "Now", for short. The content of Now is always in flux, always in motion. But there are a few things that never change, and these are part of the container itself. The things that never change are: "here" and "now". No matter where you go, you're always here, and no matter what your clock says, the time is always Now.

The content of Now is ruled by the law of causality, and besides the properties already mentioned, causality is what everything has in common. There's no exception. This is what people need to understand. There is no divine intervention, no miracles, no good luck or bad luck, or coincidence. Everything moves according to the law of cause and effect. That's the key to understanding the Universe as a whole.

The Universe = (Mind of) God = Consciousness = Now

In a way, you are the Universe, but not in the solipsistic way where your personal mind (ego) is the only truth and everyone else are just wrong. No, what I mean is that we're all just pawns. We're all part of something much bigger than what our tiny brains can grasp. We're all just gears in the big machine. No matter if you think infinitely big or infinitely small, you eventually arrive at the same conclusion.

What we are is the soup of God, that forever shapeshifts, morphs, twists and turns throughout the passage of time. It's all one giant thing, one giant organism, one giant mind. It's all connected.

We, as human beings, are like ants from the perspective of the whole. Yes, we are like waves on the surface of the ocean. In a way, we are the ocean, but a wave can never replace the ocean itself. This is important. The real heresy, the real blasphemy, is to deny the natural world.

The world exists. Other people exist. The real illusion is not the world, but your personal mind, which makes you see yourself as separate from everything else. Your personal mind is what creates the illusion of time. Your personal mind is the veil that separates you from God.

“You don't have to get rid of yourself; you just have to see through the lie.”



I believe that all spirituality and religion is founded on death anxiety. The way that the ancients solved this problem was by piercing through the veil that separates the personal (false) self from the universal (true) self. The only way to get rid of the death anxiety permanently is to realize and accept that the personal self will cease to exist. In fact, the personal self never really existed in the first place, but is an illusion generated by the brain. We are mortal beings. Everyone dies. There is no individual soul that survives the death of the physical body.

The only thing that survives in the long run is the human species, the planet etc. Ultimately, the Universe is the only thing that survives, and this is what I mean by "the universal self". It's actually impersonal. I stated in my previous blog post that I believe that the entire Universe is conscious. If you are religious, I would say that the Universe is God's brain (or mind). Just like the individual thoughts in your mind don't have eternal life, neither do we as individuals have eternal life from the perspective of the Universe. Nothing is static. Everything is in motion.

Buddhism seems to be the only world religion that fully confronts this fact, because Buddhists teach that there is no atman (individual soul). There's only anatman (no-self), which is a complex of phenomena that breaks apart upon the death of the person. Reincarnation, according to Buddhists, is not the same as what the Hindus teach. Atheists love Buddhism, and for a good reason. Because Buddhism teaches cause and effect, which is the same as logic and rational thinking.

To Buddhists, birth and death are part of a causal chain of events, which is the wheel of karma. In Buddhist thought, it's accurate to say that the death of one person leads to the birth of another, but it's not the same personality that gets reborn. In the West, we seem to prefer the Hindu belief, which is the belief in a monolithic and solid personal self (atman). It's my opinion that people who believe that the personal self has any substance haven't looked close enough. They haven't examined their thoughts from a detached state of mind, from the point of view of the observer, but instead they identify with everything that shows up in their minds.

Don't believe everything you think.

The personal self is an illusion. The universal self is our true nature, and this is why it's the only way to permanently get rid of the fear of death. It's the realization that the personal self was never meant to be eternal in the first place. But, because cultural programming teaches us to identify with the mind, that creates a lot of unnecessary suffering. Because it's based on a false assumption, a false belief. We are raised to believe that we're never going to die, and when our loved ones die we're taught to suppress the truth. Instead of confronting the loss, we turn to comforting stories about the afterlife. This is trauma-based thinking, and it creates even more suffering in the long term than whatever comfort it offers in the short term.

This is what I believe to be true. However, you are free to believe whatever you want.



No man is an island. No event is isolated. No being acts alone. The entire Universe moves together in concert. Everything that happens does so on a macroscopic level, as well as on a microscopic level. As above, so below. What does this mean? It means that action isn't coming from anywhere. It's non-local... This is the problem with free will, in theory. Who does the choosing and the acting? If I have free will, then by definition you can't have it (and vice versa). Because if you did, I wouldn't be completely free. You could infringe on my freedom. We're billions of people on this planet, so who decides the fate of the Earth? Is it you, or me?

If we're going to be honest about it, we're part of a bigger evolution than just the human species. We are the Universe becoming conscious of itself, and becoming self-aware. When people talk about the entire Universe being conscious, this is what I think it means. We started out as something very simple, and then the process of increasing entropy started with the Big Bang. This is the evolutionary process. It's the heat in the Universe getting more and more widespread and diluted. The matter is being put together in more and more complex combinations.

Human beings have consciousness. Do people really think that this is an isolated phenomenon? Or is it more likely that all matter has varying degrees of consciousness, and that it's the complexity of the physical body that makes the complexity of our consciousness? I'm not arguing with scientists when they say that consciousness happens in the brain. I completely agree with that. I completely agree with the theory of evolution.

What I don't agree with, is that any phenomenon (in the Universe) is local and isolated. Human beings are conscious, and the other animals, and even plant life-forms. Does the list just stop there? Consciousness just suddenly popped into existence as a consequence of biological life? What does it mean to be alive and to be conscious? Are we sure that we have our definitions straight? If we can find consciousness in our brains, then logically that means that the entire Universe is conscious. The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. Maybe the Universe isn't conscious in the way that we imagine, but conscious nonetheless.

We see people, animals, plants... planets and stars... galaxies... But that's because we look from the perspective of the (personal) mind, which can only see separate objects. This isn't what reality is like. Everything is one thing. This is the perspective of the Universe.

Where does consciousness begin and where does it end?



This is so true! There's something inherently "wrong" with being happy all the time. It's not even possible unless everything else is suppressed... And why is everything else suppressed? Because it's thought to be "negative", so it can't be acknowledged. People who view life through this lens of "good / bad" are unpleasant. There's something eerie and unnatural about them. It's the same feeling you'd get from interacting with a robot, that looks like a human but isn't human. Because these people aren't true and real, but wear a false mask.

Don't be like them. Be real. Be yourself.

Be true to what arises in the moment.



This blog post is in Swedish, and I apologize for that. I may rewrite it in English, but I wanted to write this down while my thoughts were still fresh in my mind.

Det finns många felaktiga idéer inom andlighet. En av dem är att det finns ett slutgiltigt svar, en slutgiltig tanke som på något magiskt sätt ska summera hela existensen. Detta är en stor missuppfattning, och många söker upplysning hela livet utan att komma ett enda steg närmre förståelse.

Det finns många milstolpar på vägen, men i det stora hela blir man aldrig helt klar. Detta är vad som menas när man säger att resan är målet. Det är just tankegången om att man ska bli klar som gör att de flesta slutar titta på livet, och istället drar sig tillbaka i en inbillad trygghet som deras tankar skänker dem. Dessa människor slutar att titta på nuet, slutar vara uppmärksamma och nyfikna, därför att de tror att de redan vet. De tror att de har lagt hela pusslet, och löst mysteriet.

Mysteriet är olösligt. Man kan röra sig framåt, mot en lösning, men man kommer aldrig fram.

Att tro på en slutgiltig lösning, och ett slutgiltigt svar, leder till att man aldrig ens tar första steget framåt. Man försöker snabbspola sin väg framåt, och hoppa över sitt liv för att komma direkt till graven. Det låter tokigt så här svart på vitt, men detta är alltså vad som sker i praktiken. Med denna inställning kommer man ingenvart, utan man står kvar och stampar på ruta ett under hela sitt liv.

Nuet är början och slutet. Så många människor har slösat bort hela sina liv för att de inte har förstått denna enkla sanning.

“Det handlar inte om att bli klar, utan om att möta varje stund.”