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Great video (by Zzenn) exposing the fallacy of chakras. I have felt for a long time that they're not real, and at best that they're a dogmatic description of psychosomatic symptoms that people may have when their energy moves around in the body. I mean, that's what you call Kundalini, right? So everyone has it. It's the source of one's consciousness, and in fact is one's consciousness. It's just that it can be asleep, hidden behind mental concepts (and stories), or blocked physically by poor health, bad habits and so on...

The core of all the religions is to be true to what arises in the moment. Jesus (a mythical character) said that God is everything inside and around. The Buddha (also a mythical character) said that everyone has Buddha-nature. The atman is actually Brahman, which is just a longer way of saying anatman (no-self). I'm not trying to lecture anybody, but just sharing some of the insights that made me leave the stories behind. Language is not sufficient. Describing us as human beings (physical bodies) is more accurate than floating invisible souls, projecting themselves in some kind of video game or digital matrix. Describing everything as non-dual awareness or presence is pretty accurate IMHO. Then we can call it "God", but even that's just a word. It has no actual meaning other than whatever hypnotic effect it has physically in people's brains, when they perceive and process the sound waves of spoken language. Words don't mean jack shit, and that's the main illusion that people are stuck in IMO. Most people are unable to process the experience without getting lost in language. Every single thing we think becomes like a distortion and a filter that hides the actual reality that we're perceiving in the moment. I think that's what scares people the most. Just leaving it "blank".

In my experience, saying anything at all about my emotions is actually lying. I don't call them positive or negative. I just feel them, and accept them completely, and then I do whatever needs to be done at that moment. I may look like an idiot to other people, but that's fine by me because most other people look like idiots to me, as well.

Just my two cents.

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Let me be your garbage man.

When you feel a negative emotion, it's my fault.

When a thought arises in your mind, it's because of me.

When the global economy goes to shit, that's obviously my fault too.

When a war breaks out in the Middle East, why didn't I prevent it?

I'm your garbage man.

The entire Universe is my responsibility.

Your actions are my fault.

Lay the blame on me.

That's what I'm here for.

I'm the garbage man.



Existence is binary, and nothing can exist without duality. There's nothing on the other side, nothing but an infinite number of faces / facets (experiences that we can have) of God (nothingness). There are no dimensions or other realms. There is just us having an experience, which changes form now and then. You may call it material or spiritual, but it makes no difference. You never actually move anywhere, and everything is always here and now. Satan is just as much of an archetype as Christ is, and the same thing goes for all the demons and angels. They are just names that we slap onto emptiness, to make it into something that we can perceive, experience and comprehend. If we didn't break it down, we wouldn't be able to understand it.

Darkness is the source of light.

Nothingness = singularity
Existence = duality



Fucked up... Apparently there's a mass shooting pretty much every day in the US. Yes, every single day. It's just that this one was bigger than usual, and that's why it was reported on the news. It's the largest mass shooting yet in US history.

It's not just a problem with guns. It's a problem with violence. People have violent minds and they commit violent acts because of it...

The level of awareness in most people is very low. Maybe that could be helped by meditation or mindfulness, I don't know. Maybe it just sounds stupid to people when I say that. But I really think that's the main issue here. Mental illness is so common these days that we consider it normal.

Violence would get expressed somehow, even without the guns. Even if they find some way to further regulate gun ownership, people will continue to be violent. The only difference is that they wouldn't have very effective tools to commit their violent acts.

We need to do something about mental health... first and foremost. When people are no longer victims of their own minds, they will cease to victimize each other.

I disagree when people say that it's natural for human beings to be violent. I don't think anyone who's truly happy would even consider being violent. I don't think most people realize how widespread violence is. It's so common in society that people consider it normal, but is it normal? I don't think it should be, and I don't think it has to be.

We're a traumatized species. That's why stuff like this happens. But no one wants to deal with the trauma. Most people take the easy route, and try to transfer the emotional pain they carry inside to others. They would be able to process it themselves if they had the will and the proper tools. Mindfulness comes to mind.

Violence is a disease. It's an epidemic that will keep expressing itself until each and every person decides to take responsibility for his own mind.



Richard Carrier and Robert M. Price both dismiss Joseph Atwill and his documentary "Caesar's Messiah". But I still think it's worth a look. I've watched it, but I don't use it as the sole basis of my conclusions. I also listen a lot to Carrier, Price, and Bart D. Ehrman (even though he claims that Jesus actually existed). Bart Ehrman is probably the one scholar who knows the most about the actual Bible texts, as he has studied the original (Ancient Greek) manuscripts (in the New Testament). He has also participated in making a translation of the Bible (NRSV, New Revised Standard Version).



Greetings, Earthlings,

I made this video as a private joke. Probably because I've watched too many Galactic Federation videos on YouTube. The thing is, that there's a little bit of truth in everything. But mostly, I think the videos and messages come from people who only seek attention and are not interested in enlightenment. There's a difference between identity-based spirituality, and to actually know oneself with total self-honesty.

I don't know if anyone actually reads this blog, but just in case someone does, thank you. I may in fact be wrong about everything, but what I write and create is a testament to my own journey. I really do my best to not stay in one place, stuck in one thought pattern, but what I find is that I just keep confirming things that I realized years ago. I guess the main problem for me has been not putting what I know into practice, not as much as I want to anyway.

This video started out as a joke, but then it grew into something else. I even used a "text 2 speech" application, channeling the voice of Google Translate. This was meant to make the video as similar to the Galactic Federation videos as possible. I have no idea what applications they use to make those. I messed around with Balabolka (text 2 speech app) for a bit, trying to find some good voices to use. In the end, the Google Translate voice had the best articulation, so I went with that. Then I went and looked for some trippy visuals, and a feel-good soundtrack.

Some of the spiritual videos on YouTube have a good message, but others seem to just be random word salad, using language from both science and religion to make it as credible and woo-wooey as possible.

(There's ​a link to the full transcript in the video description.)