After seriously an eternity i have decided to write a blog. As i watched home alone for like seriously 488th time through my 15 years and eating popcorns i was thinking about how i hate some peoples existens and how much i actually hated and loved year-2015. //

But what did i learned from 2015? absolutely nothing came to my mind but there are a few things that i remembered. 1. It's okay to have trust issues. This year i learned that you should not trust some people that you absolutely adored. I also learned that life will probably fuck you in one place but you will survive. Believe me. Remember that God is challenging you. Even if you do not believe in God lol.//

2nd thing i learned this year was that you shouldn't be egoistic but try to think about yourself instead of thinking about other ppl. I've spent my 2015 helping other people and being nice, sometimes i think that i care to much about others. Remember that you create your own life and ofc it is nice to help others but you are trying to build your own life and get a good education so keep going.

and the 3rd thing i learned from 2015 is that you should love people that are around you.I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by the people I have in my life. From my family to my friends.Unfortunetly some people that entered to 2015 with me and made great memories won't be there when i enter to year 2016. So be grateful about people who surrounds you. Then you and your friends will enter year 2036 lol. I hope you know what i meant hahah. Just be nice to your friends and your family, that is it.

A special thanks to these ppl, they know who they are (A+E+A+E)

Happy holidays ppl ! xoxo Zani

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Some women and men like to say that being a girl is just fucked up. And hey, it is. But they forget about the perks of being a woman so i decided to write about it and show that being a female isn't that bad at all.//

No 5: You can f****ing paint your face like wow. You can express your emotions through makeup and you can experiment with your face and body. Like you can contour your boobs, like that's an actual thing and it's amaizing :D Girls can have long pretty hair and a wider assortment of hairstyles, shoes and clothes too. //

No 4: What happens when you cry? Hundreds of ppl will come and give you attention like why not. Girls including me like attention. like pay attention to me plz. But what happens if a boy cries? he'll be called douche and weak. That's because we live in a world where ppl expect guys not to show their feelings and be strong. But i mean women can easily express their emotions a little bit better than men. Girls can also talk about their feelings more openly and they can cry and it’s not weird or creepy and it usually gets you what you want sooo? //

No 3: You can be the biggest pervert and no one will ever really take it seriously, so no worries. And that's just because you are a girl! Every woman think that men are biggest perverts and that is why nobody will think that that girl across the street wearing a yellow dress goes to a male strip club every weekend. We're amaizing, aren't we? hahah...//

No 2: Girls can blame everything on PMS. Why did you cried yesterday? PMS. Why did you screamed at me and ate all the food that was in the fridge? PMS. Just blame it on PMS and get what you want girl. You also get so much attention from guys. They pay for your food, they hold the door for you. You know just bc you're a girl they're trying to act cute//

No 1: One sentence is enough actually. Women live longer than men trololol :D Sadly but true.

There are so many perks of being a female that i could write about but i don't want my bloggs to be long af. I hope you enjoyed and see you in my next blogg ;) xoxo Zani



Hello all my like five readers lol. It's 1 AM and instead of going to sleep i decided to turn on my pc and write about things that are going through my head right now. it has been three days since autumn vacay has started and i haven't done anything good. like seriously nothing. Yesterday i was like i'll go jogging tomorrow. That was my expectation but if we look what happened tomorrow or today actually... Yeah. I was sitting on my bed watching my favorite tv-series, //

Whatever. Directly when i woke up i thought that i can press some fresh juive and make fruit salad. That was a huge epectation. You know what was the reality? i woke up, drank some juice straight out of cartone that i found in the fridge and made some pancakes, That doesn't even shock me anymore. My reality is always super different than my expectations. But i don't even regret the pancake part. It was so good though :D //

After eating my breakfast and showering my expectation was to have a beautiful cozy room so i started cleaning it but in the middle of that... I started doing my halloween makeup. Wata... How? Whatever, at least i ended up cleaning my room after... 2 hours but hey at least i did it so...//

Going to bed early was a stupid expectation. I mean it's one o'clock in the night and i'm writing this so yeah, Let's just accept the fact that i'll wake up with black circles under my eyes tomorrow. What the heck. Home is where i can look ugly and enjoy it <3

I hear my dad snoring. Plz god make it stop :D I swear i'll go jogging tomorrow. Maybe. If my friend will go with me. And if it wont be raining in the morning, Right now i'm just finding stupid excuses to why i shouldn't i go jogging tomorrow. God. I hope i won't be lazy tomorrow. Love you and don't be lazy ass like me. Xoxo Zani



I've been running out of ideas lately but then i thought why shouldn't i write about friends right? So i have so many types of friends that i want to write about so lets start.//

#3 the negative one. We all have that one friend who is SO DAMN NEGATIVE. Like they tell you how bad it went on a test and you feel bad for them but next week they get an A. Or even A+ like could you...stop breathing? Just kidding though. Sometimes they look so smoking hot but they complain about how bad they look... Like i would die to look like you so stop complaining bitch. I could continue writing about this type of friend but no. Just no. //

#2 The one who is documenting everything. We all know a person who snapchats everything. They turn on their snap and be like: Hey, is it okay if i'll take a pic of you sitting on the toilet and send it to your crush? Bruh... I was talking ironically but i think you all understod what i meant. They take thousands of pictures and videos whenever you two meet and their my stories are like 237 sec long. Plz stop.//

And #1 The one who calls instead of texting. Like c'mon, text me instead. I hate ppl who just call me and ask what am i doing like have u ever heard of kik, messenger, viber? Those persons call you and ask really casual questions like how are you? Or does your cat feel better after yesterdays diarrea? Seriously? I'm running out of words but i don't want to talk on my phone. Ain't nobody got time for that. //

But the truth is that i am a mix of all these ppl i described today (except for #3) And i believe that every person has those feautures but in different levels. I think that this blogg sucked (So negative :D )pretty much but it's 12 o'clock AM and i'm pretty tired so goodnight and do not call me : D



Waking up happy and biking home sad. How can our emotions change so quickly? But first of all I was at school today and we watch a tv-series about bullying. I say bravo to my teachers who instead of talking about it in the classroom makes us watch unrealistic tv show about it on the pc screen. thanks. I appreciate it. //

Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons. Pigeons aren't really smart. Actually they're dumb af. But if you compare pigeons the birds with pigeons in my class you'll notice that pigeons the birds are so much smarter than pigeons aka mean bitches in my class. But you know what? pigeons are great friends with teachers. They joke around and blah blah blah. I hate it bc some teachers hate me. well sir, i hate you too

//Mean bitches can be secretly smart but they're pretending they're dumb. Nice try pigeon. Only if you're acting smart doesn't mean you'll be an eagle. Today a few pigeons talked in front of the class and i swear once they opened their mouths i felt something in my throat, maybe their dignity? idk.//

This day was a huge shit to me. I feel like i'm unlucky and i fail at everything i do. Every subject is hard and i don't understand why. It's like i'm losing my mind, going crazy... one thing i learned for the past years is that school can lead to depression and you never know when it will hit you. Since 9th grade started, i had so many sleepless nights, i was eating and thinking unhealthy too//

As usual me and my friends play uno on every brake but this time everything changed for me. I just couldn't hold my emotions and started crying. My lovely friends were trying to calm me down and told me things that could be worse than failing at the test. they were motivating me but i didin't really listen. The truth was that i wanted to hear those words from my teachers, ppl that will affect me... 

I could write so much but i already wrote pretty much lol. Next blogg will include much more funny stuff like pigeons and my life. Xoxo Zani



It's weird you know. To be a teen. Like million thoughts goes through your brains every day. Somedays you think that you can do anything and other days you want to commit suicide. As a teen i can relate to this blogg. Almost everyday my school is slowly killing me and i don't know when i'll explode. Btw if i'll explode i hope i'll explode on people that i hate. like girls who think that ignoring and bullying other ppl will make them more popular. Well guess what bitch? you won't be more popular.//

It's weird how i started talking school and ended talking about mean bitches but oh well... One thing i don't get is why parents and teachers don't understand how hard is it for us in school like c'mon! you were a student once, weren't you? Instead they're pushing us into a hole called school where you can't even have or express your opinion. You just shut up and pretend like you'll need algebra later in life.//

My life is a huge lie, my life is not fair. it's colored in black and white. The 9th grade just started and i already feel like i should just leave. idk where but i idc where. My parents like to say: You have a messy life. No shit sherlock, you should see my life. Living in my family means that you have to achieve high scores on tests and look like a lady, which doesn't really go well to me. I don't care how I look or what grade am I going to get. I try to have good grades but sometimes depressions wins over your life and you can't help it. God i think that overthinking will kill me one day. But that's not how i would like to die lol.//

Speaking of bitches. there are so many of them around me. Not that they bully me or something, they talk shit behind everybodies backs soooo... I am a simple girl. My social life is a mess rn because of school. but when i see those bitches aka stupid pigeons i get sick. first of all pigeons are cute but they have low intellegence so yeah. Pigeons like to go out in our hallway and search for a victim aka a guy. after choosing a victim they hunt it and then you know what happens. A short summary about it. They fall in love, they make love, drama, drama, drama and then finally they brake up. Casual.//

I have so much to talk about so please if you relate to things that i wrote follow my blogg and follow my journey with pigeons.// xoxo Zani